LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 12 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Soft end of the Mohs scale: TALC

5 Old Toyota models: ECHOS

10 Order to go: SCAT

14 Squiggly lines in the funnies, maybe: ODOR

15 Hot day refuge: SHADE

16 "Him __?": love triangle ultimatum: ORME

17 First anniversary gift for a zookeeper? PAPERTIGER

19 Like eyes "you can't hide," in an Eagles song: LYIN

20 Ring loudly: PEAL

21 It can spice things up: TABASCO

23 Prescription specs: DOSES

26 2000 Gere title role: DRT

28 Gere, for one: ACTOR

29 Super Mario Galaxy consoles: WIIS

30 Japanese ice cream flavor: GREENTEA

32 "It's __ good": ALL

33 Livid: IRED

34 Lots and lots: OODLES

37 Race in place: REV

38 10th anniversary gift for a musician? TINHORN

40 Wire-concealing garment, perhaps: BRA

41 Least encumbered: FREEST

43 Musical work: OPUS

44 "A lie that makes us realize truth," per Picasso: ART

45 Adds insult to injury: RUBSITIN

47 Hair gel squirt: GLOB

48 Bow ties, e.g.: PASTA

50 The Spartans of the NCAA: MSU

51 "Well, I'll be!": GOLLY

52 Totally jazzed: AMPEDUP

54 Like many 45 records: MONO

56 Jordanian queen dowager: NOOR

57 50th anniversary gift for a fast-food worker? GOLDNUGGET

62 Stop discussing: DROP

63 Hail: GREET

64 Passion: LOVE

65 __ pool: GENE

66 __ pool: STENO

67 Biblical spot: EDEN


1 Cover: TOP

2 Nicole's "Cold Mountain" role: ADA

3 Hack: LOP

4 Brunch choice: CREPES

5 "ÀC—mo __?": ESTA


7 "Macbeth" role: HAG

8 "Swan Lake" princess: ODETTE

9 Blood fluids: SERA

10 Comforted: SOLACED

11 15th anniversary gift for a golfer? CRYSTALBALL

12 Palermo pal: AMICO

13 Barbershop part: TENOR

18 In medias __: RES

22 Relay sticks: BATONS

23 Middle-earth figure: DWARF

24 Gulf ship: OILER

25 25th anniversary gift for a chef? SILVERSPOON

27 Fiery candies: REDHOTS

30 South side? GRITS

31 Like a shutout: NORUN

33 "I'm not gonna sugarcoat this": ITSBAD

35 Screen legend Flynn: ERROL

36 Failed to act: SATBY

39 Long-outlawed smoking establishment: OPIUMDEN

42 Greek Muse of music: EUTERPE

46 Oil, for many: IMPORT

47 Look-up aid: GOOGLE

48 Herbal Essences maker, for short: PANDG

49 64-Across, at La Scala: AMORE

51 Serengeti herbivore: GNU

53 Fleece-lined footwear brand: UGGS

55 Not duped by: ONTO

58 Two-time Emmy-winning actress __ Grant: LEE

59 OMG part: GOD

60 67-Across outcast: EVE

61 Number of Canadian provinces: TEN

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