LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 12 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Flash: JIFF

5 Hustle and bustle: RUSH

9 Just: MERE

13 Lake near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: ERIE

14 __ rug: AREA

15 Bean sprout? IDEA

16 West Coast footballer on an RV vacation? ROAMINGCHARGER

19 "As Good as It Gets" Oscar winner: HUNT

20 Deer madam: DOE

21 Considerable: GRAVE

22 "Sex Education" actor Butterfield: ASA

23 Mischief maker: ELF

24 Used crayons: COLORED

26 San Fernando counterfeiter? VALLEYFORGER

29 Mystery writer's middle name: ALLAN

30 Emotional shock: JOLT

31 Show stoppers: ADS

34 Times Square gas: NEON

35 Parking unit: SPACE

37 Property attachment: LIEN

38 Minnesota senator Klobuchar: AMY

39 Unctuous: OILY

40 Tailor's dummy, e.g.: TORSO

41 Fisher who won't take advice? OBTUSEANGLER

44 Goal of regular exercise: FITNESS

47 Omaha Beach craft: Abbr.: LST

48 Boiling blood: IRE

49 Disney princess with red hair and a green tail: ARIEL

50 Prefix with center: EPI

51 Colony members: ANTS

52 Indecisive European? BELGIANWAFFLER

56 Opposite of exo-: ENDO

57 Spanish rivers: RIOS

58 Big name in razors: ATRA

59 Pond plant: REED

60 Shortfin shark: MAKO

61 More than half: MOST


1 City near the Mount of Olives: JERUSALEM

2 Steel, e.g.: IRONALLOY

3 Italian automaker since 1899: FIAT

4 Like the yin side: Abbr.: FEM

5 Xeroxed: RANOFF

6 Exhort: URGE

7 Flash: SEC

8 "So there!": HAH

9 Funhouse fixture: MIRROR

10 Mystery writer's first name: EDGAR

11 Superman player: REEVE

12 Like some jugs: EARED

17 Without thinking: IDLY

18 Shoelace end: AGLET

19 Caribbean metropolis: HAVANA

23 Dark time for poets: EEN

24 Nile threat: CROC

25 Eye rudely: OGLE

27 Office PC nexus: LAN

28 "Love Train" group, with "The": OJAYS

31 O'Hare arrivals: AIRLINERS

32 Former name of an arid-region Afro-Asian rodent: DESERTRAT

33 Sleeps soundly? SNORES

35 Poses: SITS

36 Furthermore: PLUS

37 Captain's journal: LOG

39 Marks in ancient manuscripts: OBELI

40 Dynamite stuff: TNT

41 Basis of monotheism: ONEGOD

42 Westernmost Texas county: ELPASO

43 "Yeah, right!": ASIF

44 __-Castell: office supply brand: FABER

45 Ryan of "The Beverly Hillbillies": IRENE

46 Pi–a colada garnish? TILDE

50 Furry Endor critter: EWOK

51 Choir member: ALTO

53 Equip: ARM

54 Actress Vardalos: NIA

55 Relatives, slangily: FAM

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