LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 12 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Boyfriend: BEAU

5 Still, briefly: THO

8 Taunt: GIBE

12 Chief Norse god: ODIN

13 Adler in Sherlock Holmes fiction: IRENE

15 "I got this, boss": ONIT

16 __ Khalifa: Dubai structure that's the world's tallest: BURJ

17 Apple throwaways: CORES

18 Bout enders, briefly: TKOS

19 Julie Andrews Oscar-winning role: MARYPOPPINS

22 Crimson Tide nickname: BAMA

23 Hightail it, old-style: HIE

24 Caps for Highlanders: TAMS

26 Character who sings "When You Wish Upon a Star": JIMINYCRICKET

29 By oneself: SOLELY

30 Garden clippers: SHEARS

32 "Best in Show" actor Willard: FRED

33 Pack animals: MULES

37 "Shucks!": DRAT

38 Approved, briefly: OKD

39 Part ways: SPLITUP

41 Operative: SPY

42 Emma Peel's partner on "The Avengers": JOHNSTEED

44 Luminance: SHEEN

47 Towing org.: AAA

48 Twiggy abodes: NESTS

52 Clothing store department: WOMENS

54 Justice Gorsuch's predecessor: SCALIA

55 With "The," Netflix title superhero team ... and a hint to something associated with 19-, 26- and 42-Across: UMBRELLAACADEMY

59 Born, in bios: NEE

60 Santa's elves' workplace: TOYSHOP

61 "The Grand Budapest Hotel" director Anderson: WES

62 Dog's warning: GRR

63 Up-and-down rides: SEESAWS

64 Sign at a hot show: SRO


1 Hope with jokes: BOB

2 School URL letters: EDU

3 Sent by plane: AIRMAILED

4 Removed stuck paper from: UNJAMMED

5 Prize on the mantel: TROPHY

6 Like many a rescue: HEROIC

7 Sale limit, briefly: ONEPER

8 Prepared to skinny-dip: GOTNAKED

9 Fountain pen mishaps: INKSMEARS

10 eharmony profile part: BIO

11 Sci-fi beings: ETS

13 Bone-chilling: ICY

14 Sixth sense: Abbr.: ESP

20 Amtrak track: RAIL

21 Something to scratch: ITCH

22 One-named Icelandic singer: BJORK

25 Watch fastener: STRAP

27 Female folklore deity: NYMPH

28 Put into circulation, as stamps: ISSUE

29 Bay Area airport code: SFO

31 Messy dorm room, say: STY

34 Arm bone: ULNA

35 __ Cuddy, Dean of Medicine on "House": LISA

36 "At Last" singer James: ETTA

39 Shakespeare's 150+: SONNETS

40 Ballpoint covers: PENCAPS

42 Boobird's output: JEER

43 Kaput, as a battery: DEAD

44 Took a cut, in baseball: SWUNG

45 Baseball dinger: HOMER

46 Glowing leftover: EMBER

49 Oodles: SLEWS

50 It may set off a beeper: TIMER

51 Right to decide: SAYSO

53 Gin fizz flavor: SLOE

54 Garbage boat: SCOW

56 Caustic cleanser: LYE

57 Pack animal: ASS

58 "Bingo!": AHA

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