LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 12 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Where member golfers gather, familiarly: THECLUB

8 Tybalt's house: CAPULET

15 French roll: ROULEAU

16 Cognizant of: ALIVETO

17 Like some wake-up hours: UNGODLY

18 Wine product: VINEGAR

19 Biases: SKEWS

20 Corp. fundraiser: IPO

22 Greeted at the door: SAWIN

23 Dollywood locale: Abbr.: TENN

24 __ door: STORM

26 Broadway seductress: LOLA

27 "__ tu": Verdi aria: ERI

28 Oater accessory: TINSTAR

30 Like half a deck: RED

31 French appetizer: ESCARGOT

33 Hall of Fame knuckleballer Phil: NIEKRO

35 "Got a minute?": CANWETALK

37 Ponderosa order: RIBEYE

40 Performer who must be from 5'6" to 5'101/2" tall: ROCKETTE

44 No power can change it: ONE

45 Calder sculpture: STABILE

47 Burgundy on screen: RON

48 Cookware portmanteau: TFAL

50 Took: STOLE

51 Paris green? PARC

52 Wyandot people: HURON

54 Tournament pass: BYE

55 Axle in a wooden toy: DOWEL

56 One of two nuclides with the same neutron number but different proton numbers: ISOTONE

58 Contest name coined by its eventual winner: THRILLA

60 London-based news agency: REUTERS

61 Goes underground: TUNNELS

62 Elaine's home, in Arthurian legend: ASTOLAT

63 Me time? EGOTRIP


1 Board member: TRUSTEE

2 Geese: HONKERS

3 Concerned with good breeding: EUGENIC

4 One who's not serious: CLOWN

5 Some arena displays, briefly: LEDS

6 O'Hare initials: UAL

7 eBay option: BUYITNOW

8 Frolic: CAVORT

9 "Aladdin" prince: ALI

10 Strike victims? PINS

11 __ layer: eye part: UVEAL

12 Old-fashioned investigation: LEGWORK

13 Noncash business: ETAILER

14 Phenomenon measured by the Enhanced Fujita Scale: TORNADO

21 Prime example: POSTERBOY

24 Small seals: SIGNETS

25 Handcuff: MANACLE

28 Printer inserts: TRAYS

29 "The Book of Hours" poet: RILKE

32 Top performer: ACE

34 Squeeze (out): EKE

36 Grooming process: TOILETTE

37 Estate planner's advice: ROTHIRA

38 Imbues: INFUSES

39 Back up: BEAROUT

41 Net user: TRAWLER

42 Baroque composer Giuseppe __: TORELLI

43 Embrace: ENCLASP

46 Ideally: ATBEST

49 Numbers game: LOTTO

51 Essential thing: POINT

53 Winter air: NOEL

55 1962 title villain played by Joseph Wiseman: DRNO

57 FDR program: NRA

59 Embrace: HUG

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