LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 12 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 12 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 12 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sports agent, briefly: REP

4 Lavish meal: FEAST

9 Behold, to Brutus: ECCE

13 "Another Green World" musician Brian: ENO

14 Foamy coffee drinks: LATTES

16 Bar measure: SHOT

17 *Big top: CIRCUSTENT

19 "The Handmaid's __": Atwood novel: TALE

20 This, in Spain: ESTO

21 Acapulco aunt: TIA

22 Final Olds produced: ALERO

24 Injured-arm support: SLING

26 *School keepsake: CLASSRING

29 "Under Siege" star Steven: SEAGAL

31 Prof.'s degree: PHD

32 See 38-Down: SIN

33 Restaurant Arlo Guthrie sang about: ALICES

36 Early 2000s Apple product: EMAC

37 *"The Daily Show" network: COMEDYCENTRAL

41 Hard to find: RARE

42 Cosa __: NOSTRA

43 Trident-shaped Greek letter: PSI

44 Angry: MAD

46 Pick up the pace: HASTEN

50 *2012 Channing Tatum film: MAGICMIKE

54 Around, in dates: CIRCA

55 Try to bite, puppy-style: NIPAT

56 Triage ctrs.: ERS

58 Broadway brightener: NEON

59 Hawaiian coffee region: KONA

60 Show starter ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: OPENINGACT

63 Nobelist Pavlov: IVAN

64 Cantankerous: ORNERY

65 __ Bo: fitness system: TAE

66 "The Lion King" lioness: NALA

67 Davis of "Do the Right Thing": OSSIE

68 Cal. spans: YRS


1 School day interlude: RECESS

2 Maroon, at sea: ENISLE

3 "The Merchant of Venice" heiress: PORTIA

4 Winter bug: FLU

5 Down __: Maine nickname: EAST

6 Room at the top? ATTIC

7 Pilfer: STEAL

8 Olympic diver's goal: TEN

9 Aromatic compound: ESTER

10 Personal magnetism: CHARISMA

11 Pre-Revolutionary furniture style: COLONIAL

12 French summer: ETE

15 Secret supply: STASH

18 Scam: CONGAME

23 "Dropped" '60s drug: LSD

25 Battering wind: GALE

27 Cathedral areas: APSES

28 Nutritional supplements co.: GNC

30 Pot top: LID

34 Pop singer Lauper: CYNDI

35 Novelist Umberto: ECO

36 Blackboard chore: ERASING

37 Legendary lover: CASANOVA

38 With 32-Across, Adam and Eve's transgression: ORIGINAL

39 To the __ degree: NTH

40 Gillette's __ II razor: TRAC

41 Turntable speed, for short: RPM

44 Longtime Tom Petty label: MCA

45 Defensive retort: AMTOO

47 The "T" in NATO: TREATY

48 Toyota Prius, e.g.: ECOCAR

49 Loire Valley city: NANTES

51 Bucky Beaver's toothpaste: IPANA

52 Wails with grief: KEENS

53 Shore birds: ERNES

57 Apple Watch assistant: SIRI

59 Family reunion attendees: KIN

61 Ace: PRO

62 "Science Guy" Bill: NYE

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