LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 12 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 12 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pageantry: POMP

5 Italian sports cars, briefly: ALFAS

10 Showed up: CAME

14 Garage mechanic's goal, maybe: PURR

15 Dance studio fixture: BARRE

16 Product of Queensland: OPAL

17 Bird's perspective? ORIOLEVIEW

19 Place in the woods? NECK

20 Child: TOT

21 Pt. of AAA: ASSOC

23 Put off: REPEL

26 Nurtured by a bird? GROUSEFED

30 Take a good look at: EXAMINE

32 Convert to something better: PARLAY

33 Respectful title: SIR

34 Muscly: TONED

37 Shock, in a way: TASE

38 Amorous bird? TANAGERINLOVE

42 Scots Gaelic: ERSE

43 Composer expelled from the Paris Conservatoire in 1882: SATIE

44 Impressed word: OOH

46 In one's slip? MOORED

49 Sizable snit: TANTRUM

51 Bird painting? OWLFRESCO

54 Main points: GISTS

55 Park __: BENCH

56 Verizon rival: ATT

57 "__, Can You Hear Me?": "Yentl" song: PAPA

60 Bird-wrestling move? THRUSHHOLD

65 Round figure: OVAL

66 Couldn't sleep __: AWINK

67 Vase-shaped pitcher: EWER

68 Hollow: DELL

69 Uses light surgically: LASES

70 Causing head-turning, perhaps: SEXY


1 Dr.'s network: PPO

2 CSNY's "__ House": OUR

3 Med. scan: MRI

4 President __: PROTEM

5 Be an accessory to: ABET

6 Loo: LAV

7 Religious brother: FRIAR

8 Kid's retort: ARESO

9 Clinches: SEWSUP

10 Piece that often includes one or two cadenzas: CONCERTO

11 Mimic: APE

12 Bud: MAC

13 Caribou cousin: ELK

18 Literature's Dolores Haze, familiarly: LOLITA

22 Spanish she-bear: OSA

23 Follower of hi or lo: RES

24 Airline seating for the able-bodied: EXITROW

25 Sun screen: PARASOL

26 Preservers of proclivities: GENES

27 Alters the taste of: FLAVORS

28 Depart cautiously: EASEOUT

29 Alter the color of: DYE

31 Holiday drink: NOG

35 Historical segment: ERA

36 "Same here!": DITTO

39 "Throw it indoors" toy: NERFBALL

40 Actress Long: NIA

41 Horse race margin: LENGTH

42 Soul-baring pop music genre: EMO

45 "__ Pinafore": HMS

47 Before, to a bard: ERE

48 Employee benefit option: DENTAL

50 Some church donations: TITHES

52 Dumb sound? SCHWA

53 Nickname akin to Topher: CHRIS

56 Sets as a price: ASKS

57 Pea place: POD

58 Many a Monopoly prop.: AVE

59 Chum: PAL

61 French article: UNE

62 Be indebted to: OWE

63 First name in supervillains: LEX

64 Drip-__: DRY

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