LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 12 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 12 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Opposite of bold: TIMID

6 Add a line to the wall chart: GROW

10 Rack holder: OVEN

14 Modify: AMEND

15 Mysterious letter: RUNE

16 Inedible pineapple part: CORE

17 Do some browsing: SURFTHENET

19 Razor handle? ATRA

20 Dueling sport: EPEE

21 When Caesar is warned to "Beware the Ides of March": ACTI

22 Derisive look: SNEER

23 Public education leadership groups: SCHOOLBOARDS

26 "The Merchant of Venice" heroine: PORTIA

29 Bavaria-based automaker: AUDI

30 White figure in Snapchat's logo: GHOST

31 Deafening sound: ROAR

34 Include: ADD

36 Santa __ winds: ANA

37 Where to find the ends of 17-, 23-, 50- and 62-Across: ICERINK

40 Took control of: LED

42 Like almost all prime numbers: ODD

44 [see other side]: OVER

45 Hal who produced Laurel and Hardy films: ROACH

47 Transition point: CUSP

49 Leave base illegally: GOAWOL

50 Spago restaurateur: WOLFGANGPUCK

55 Up in the air: ALOFT

56 Remove from power: OUST

57 Swatch options: HUES

61 Shop class tool: VISE

62 Breaded seafood option on kids' menus: FISHSTICKS

64 Even once: EVER

65 This, to Picasso: ESTA

66 Poet Ginsberg: ALLEN

67 Bold lipstick choices: REDS

68 "Ouch!'': YEOW

69 Water holder: GLASS


1 Shock into submission: TASE

2 "My turn!": IMUP

3 "A __ formality'': MERE

4 Takes over, like bedbugs: INFESTS

5 Banned bug killer: DDT

6 __-Roman wrestling: GRECO

7 Total, as a bill: RUNTO

8 Newsman Roger: ONEIL

9 Very recently painted: WET

10 Song before some face-offs: OCANADA

11 Legislation affecting polling places: VOTERIDLAW

12 Flubbed a play: ERRED

13 Closes in on: NEARS

18 "How funny!": HAHA

22 Paltry amount: SOU

24 __ Field: home of Mr. Met: CITI

25 Stock holder: BARN

26 Vardon Trophy org.: PGA

27 "This is horrible!": OHNO

28 Sign that may cause U-turns: ROADCLOSED

31 Amp (up): REV

32 Lead source: ORE

33 Hang on a line: AIR

35 Artistic style of Chicago's Merchandise Mart: DECO

38 Lola's nightclub: COPA

39 McDonald's founder Ray: KROC

41 FedEx rival: DHL

43 Golfers rarely making pars: DUFFERS

46 New York golf course that is a frequent host of major tournaments: OAKHILL

48 Army NCO: SGT

49 Courage: GUTS

50 Be on the fence: WAVER

51 Cooking oil source: OLIVE

52 Cacophony: NOISE

53 Great energy: GUSTO

54 "Hogwash!": PSHAW

58 Sch. with the mascot Joe Bruin: UCLA

59 __ by: barely manages: EKES

60 Figs. with two hyphens: SSNS

62 Tina who is the youngest Mark Twain Prize winner: FEY

63 Price indicator: TAG

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