LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 12 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 12 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Part of BYOB and MYOB: OWN

4 Band name with a lightning bolt slash: ACDC

8 Unlike a couch potato: ACTIVE

14 T'ai __: CHI

15 Afrikaans speaker: BOER

16 9Lives mascot: MORRIS

17 *What may put a fire in the belly? HOTSAUCE

19 Makes room on, as a schedule: CLEARS

20 Window part: SASH

21 Mother of Pollux: LEDA

23 She plays Crawford in FX's "Feud": LANGE

24 *Commuter entertainment source: RADIOSTATION

27 Regards with surprise: GAPESAT

30 Sped: TORE

31 Botch: MISDO

32 Miracle-__: GRO

33 One teaspoon, e.g.: DOSE

37 Sponsor's array: ADS

38 *Slick trick: FASTONE

42 Pampering place: SPA

43 Lets hit them: NETS

45 Pi follower: RHO

46 Heroism: VALOR

48 In-land link? LALA

50 Leopardlike cats: OCELOTS

52 *Pre-release programs: BETASOFTWARE

56 Not right: AMISS

57 Commuter's expense: TOLL

58 Staff symbol: REST

62 Metaphorical state of agitation: LATHER

64 What young people may sow ... and what's literally hidden in the answers to starred clues: WILDOATS

66 Like most Chaplin films: SILENT

67 "Uh-huh": ISEE

68 By way of: VIA

69 Gives a heads-up: ALERTS

70 Drag racing gp.: NHRA

71 Prompt a correction: ERR


1 "Draft Dodger Rag" folk singer: OCHS

2 Stop on the trail: WHOA

3 Quibbles: NITS

4 "Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice" org.: ABA

5 Might've: COULDA

6 Con man's forte: DECEIT

7 Set of beliefs: CREDO

8 "The Walking Dead" channel: AMC


10 Pressure-__: TREATED

11 Like two-time Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi: IRANI

12 Late summer sign: VIRGO

13 Steel city near Cologne: ESSEN

18 Bit: SHRED

22 Orbit City pooch: ASTRO

25 Starting: ASOF

26 One in a cel block: TOON

27 FBI guy: GMAN

28 Assistant: AIDE

29 "Wanna hear a secret?": PSST

32 '60s-'70s Pontiac: GTO

34 City that hosts an annual Norwegian Wood music festival: OSLO

35 Blind __: SPOT

36 Elephant flappers: EARS

39 Singer Guthrie: ARLO

40 Golf club part: SHAFT

41 Even once: EVER

44 Cutting-edge horror film? SLASHER

47 Olds compact: ALERO

49 Approval: ASSENT

50 Wide-eyed and wise-looking: OWLISH

51 Telemarketer: CALLER

52 Light wood: BALSA

53 It's often distributed in cc's: EMAIL

54 Sir or sri: TITLE

55 Haul to the shop: TOWIN

59 Nesting site: EAVE

60 Ado: STIR

61 Nicholas II was the last one: TSAR

63 Some NFL blockers: RTS

65 Raiders' org.? DEA

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