LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 12 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Online gay dating site: GRINDR

7 Bridge accessory: SCOREPAD

15 Electrically overhaul: REWIRE

16 Proven├žal olive-and-capers spread: TAPENADE

17 Many: ALOTOF


19 Legal end: BAN

20 Eponymous German bacteriologist: PETRI

22 Nuzzled: NOSED

23 Relative of "You go!": ATTA

25 Yogurt-based condiment: RAITA

27 Contents of some weekly organizers: MEDS

28 "Alas ... ": SADLY

30 Forensic workplace: DNALAB

32 Volumes on devices: EBOOKS

34 Cheeks asset: GLOW

35 Lose juice entirely: DIE

38 Sci-fi science: ALIENTECHNOLOGY

41 Palindromic observance: TET

42 Imprecise words: ORSO

43 Stand-up comic Boosler: ELAYNE

44 Words of denial: IWASNT

46 Was upheld on appeal: STOOD

47 Radio letters: AMFM

50 Many of the characters in the 2018 film "Smallfoot": YETIS

52 Italian cabbage? EURO

53 Part of UCSD: DIEGO

55 Radical cousin: NEATO

57 Cheese go-with: MAC

58 Handy annuals: ALMANACS

60 It was created in Philly in 1792: USMINT

62 Small tuft: PLUMELET

63 White, to Juan: BLANCO

64 Persistent: TIRELESS

65 Unifying alloy: SOLDER


1 Park it: GRABASEAT

2 Sympathetic: RELATABLE

3 Defiant refusal: IWONTDOIT

4 Micromanager's excess: NIT

5 Fall: DROP

6 Direct: REFER

7 Competitions in which batting is forbidden: STARINGCONTESTS

8 Goalpost look-alike: CAPITALH

9 Go (for): OPT

10 Control during riding: REIN

11 Lay to rest: ENTOMB

12 Meaning of two vertical lines, at times: PAUSE

13 Put in later: ADDED

14 Done things: DEEDS

21 Tiny bit: TAD

24 Wound application: ALOE

26 Without help: ALONE

29 Informal "Dig?": YKNOW

31 Base runners? AWOLS

33 Deviate: STRAY

35 "Excu-u-use me!": DOYOUMIND

36 "Learning [is] the kind of __ distinguishing the studious": Bierce: IGNORANCE

37 Triangular chart user: EYEDOCTOR

39 Basic natures: ESSENCES

40 Having a timing problem: LATE

44 "Let's": IMGAME

45 Familia member: TIA

47 Change for the better: ADAPT

48 __ Vanilli: MILLI

49 Big bone: FEMUR

51 Theater buff's collection: STUBS

54 Turow memoir: ONEL

56 Parliament : London :: Storting : __: OSLO

59 Pale __: ALE

61 Not bien: MAL

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