LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 12 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 12 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gibberish: BABBLE

7 Out of breath: PUFFING

14 Hawaiian senator in six decades: INOUYE

15 Honeybunch: CUTIEPIE

16 Revolting person? RIOTER

17 A rainout might be rescheduled on one: OPENDATE

18 Neutral areas, briefly: DMZS

19 Mad man's comment: IMUPSET

21 "Wayne's World" rejoinder: WAY

22 Jocund: MERRY

23 Flies high: SOARS

27 Dramatist Edward with three Pulitzers and three Tonys: ALBEE

29 Parts of lunch combos: SIDES

31 One often paid to talk: RAT

32 Herd or host: THRONG

34 Sheltered area: COVE

35 2011 film set in Brazil: RIO

36 Diner seating option: COUNTER

38 It's higher when it's colder: GASBILL

40 Caucasian native: HUN

41 Truculent god: ARES

43 Goat cheese: CHEVRE

44 Key used to stop: ESC

45 Engendered: LEDTO

47 Situation for a sac bunt, maybe: ONEON

48 Try to get clean: REHAB

50 Oil-free salad dressing property: NOFAT

52 Pat: DAB

53 Some near homers: FLYOUTS

55 Mythical Spartan queen: LEDA

56 Family meal entr┼Że: POTROAST

59 Former Sears Holdings holdings: KMARTS

61 Greek courtier associated with a symbolic sword: DAMOCLES

62 Bespectacled friend of Peppermint Patty: MARCIE

63 Checked legs for arms? FRISKED

64 Whirlpools: EDDIES


1 Cardinal fan, say? BIRDWATCHER

2 Delta Tau Chi, in a 1978 film title: ANIMALHOUSE

3 Spirited midday meal? BOOZYBRUNCH

4 Reservations: BUTS

5 Cleaning chemical: LYE

6 Like "Halloween" music: EERIE

7 Litter member: PUPPYDOG

8 Salt Lake City players: UTES

9 Delicate chip, e.g.: FINESSESHOT

10 Gave, as a script line: FEDTO

11 Home brewer's creation: IPA

12 Minor matter: NIT

13 "Well, look at that!": GEE

15 Longtime "Today" co-anchor: COURIC

20 Title less common nowadays: MRS

22 Creation hurdle: MENTALBLOCK

24 Overseas "Later!": ARRIVEDERCI

25 Track support: RAILROADTIE

26 Lou Brock's 938: STOLENBASES

28 Long division? EON

30 Fire chief's concern, briefly: EVAC

33 "Unfaithful" actor: GERE

37 Facial description in a classic holiday song: REDNOSED

39 Golfer Crenshaw: BEN

42 Darker-than-amber brews: STOUTS

46 Bard's "frequently": OFT

49 Locks that are picked: AFROS

51 Tour guide's badge words: ASKME

54 Maya Lin's alma mater: YALE

55 Hog product: LARD

56 Adobe doc suffix: PDF

57 Silently propel: OAR

58 Sarcastic "Thanks for sharing": TMI

60 More than enthusiastic: MAD

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