LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 April 2017

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Los Angeles Times 13 April 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 April 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jackson with a 1972 Lifetime Achievement Grammy: MAHALIA

8 Rx watchdog: FDA

11 Wing: ELL

14 Most sober: GRAVEST

15 Curved part: ARC

16 Md. neighbor: DEL

17 Infomercial promise: MIRACLECURE

19 Md. neighbor: WVA

20 Powerful 1970s Pittsburgh defensive line, familiarly: STEELCURTAIN

22 Didst whack: SMOTE

25 Spot checker? VET

26 One-named Deco master: ERTE

27 Swiss river: AAR

28 Loot: ROB

31 Storm warning: THUNDER

33 Pair: DYAD

35 Algonquin Round Table member, e.g.: WIT

37 Role for Dustin: RATSO

38 "The Card Players" artist: PAULCEZANNE

42 Amu __: Asian river: DARYA

44 Verizon subsidiary: AOL

45 Undertaking: TASK

48 Anka song with the phrase "Kiss me mucho": ESOBESO

51 Soccer chant: OLE

53 Loving murmur: COO

54 A giraffe has a long one: MANE

55 Org. concerned with briefs: ABA

57 "Swing Shift" Oscar nominee: LAHTI

59 Sticker on store fruit: PRODUCELABEL

63 Fill in (for): SUB

64 Hint in a specialty crossword, and, literally, what's found in 17-, 20-, 38- and 59-Across: CRYPTICCLUE

68 Actor Wallach: ELI

69 Jeans name: LEE

70 Like some lunch orders: ONTOAST

71 "Amen!": YES

72 Inject: ADD

73 "Seems that way to me": IDSAYSO


1 "Mrs. Miniver" studio: MGM

2 2001 W.S. champs: ARI

3 Guffaw sound: HAR

4 Stop at sea: AVAST

5 Hopkins role: LECTER

6 Scotland's Arran, e.g.: ISLE

7 Perfectly, with "to": ATEE

8 Leak source: FAUCET

9 Diminutive celeb sexologist: DRRUTH

10 Taiwanese PC maker: ACER

11 Pirate on the Queen Anne's Revenge: EDWARDTEACH

12 Descendants of a son of Jacob and Leah: LEVITES

13 Venezuelan cowboy: LLANERO

18 MDL divided by X: CLV

21 Studio occupant: TENANT

22 Glum: SAD

23 Kentucky Derby time: MAY

24 Latin "pray for us": ORAPRONOBIS

29 Barn __: OWL

30 Light source: BIC

32 Banquet dispenser: URN

34 Futon kin: DAYBED

36 Sweet __: TEA

39 OPEC member: UAE

40 Madhouse: ZOO

41 The lot: ALL

42 Portrayer of "McDreamy" on "Grey's Anatomy": DEMPSEY

43 Typically: ASARULE

46 Boozer: SOT

47 Colorful carp: KOI

49 Revered: SACRED

50 Was loyal to: OBEYED

52 Picks: ELECTS

56 High point of a European trip? ALP

58 Foil giant: ALCOA

60 Golden St. campus: UCLA

61 Yours, to Yves: ATOI

62 Tie up: BIND

65 Not of the cloth: LAY

66 __ Nimitz: USS

67 DDE's command: ETO

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