LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 April 2018

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Los Angeles Times 13 April 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 April 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Grooming tool: COMB

5 Put two and two together: ADD

8 Attentive to the schedule: PROMPT

14 Pentagon measure: AREA

15 Basic substance: LYE

16 Rum accompaniment? YOHOHO

17 Staff symbol: BASSCLEF

19 Handled vessel: TEAPOT

20 Ease, as thirst: SLAKE

21 Cry of one whose thirst is eased: AAH

23 Artist Magritte: RENE

24 State of mind induced by monotonous music? SONICBOREDOM

28 Sphere: ORB

31 Bring into harmony: ATTUNE

32 BBQ item with a char? SEAREDDOG

35 Left-hand page: VERSO

40 Croatia neighbor: SERBIA

41 Toe problem: BUNION

42 The Beatles' "All My Loving," e.g.: OLDIE

43 Object of trout-fishing veneration? SACREDFLY

46 Where some nursery rhyme baking occurs: INAPIE

48 Deceive: FOX

49 Aversion to rodeo performers? COWBOYHATRED

55 Multicolored gem: OPAL

56 Kvbrick opvs? MMI

57 Takes a nap, say: RESTS

61 Make over: REVAMP

63 Post-WWII fear of infiltration apparently confirmed by four puzzle answers: REDSCARE

66 Get all wet: DRENCH

67 Rower: OAR

68 Was aware of: KNEW

69 Big Apple Theater District restaurant: SARDIS

70 Cook, in a way: FRY

71 Recognizes: SEES


1 Wine choices: CABS

2 Spoken: ORAL

3 Tableland: MESA

4 Revels (in), as praise: BASKS

5 The lot (of): ALL

6 Henna, e.g.: DYE

7 In actuality: DEFACTO

8 Big name in British comedy: PYTHON

9 Beluga yield: ROE

10 United hub: OHARE

11 Island vacation ride: MOPED

12 Amplifier switch: PHONO

13 Tribal symbol: TOTEM

18 Board boss: CEO

22 "Snug as __ ... ": ABUG

25 Uno menos uno, to Unamuno: NADA

26 "__ be a pleasure": ITD

27 Variety show: REVUE

28 __ buco: OSSO

29 Rod attachment: REEL

30 Homer, e.g.: BARD

33 Batter's stat: RBI

34 Three-note refrain: EIEIO

36 Close: END

37 Jazz phrase: RIFF

38 Concerto cadenza, e.g.: SOLO

39 Banded stone: ONYX

41 Uncle Remus title: BRER

43 Doug of the Sir Douglas Quintet with the hit "She's About a Mover": SAHM


45 Op. __: CIT

47 Mythological maidens: NYMPHS

49 Electrical connections: CORDS

50 Monteverdi work: OPERA

51 Go back and forth: WAVER

52 Flavorless: BLAND

53 Med. treatment areas: ERS

54 Card groups: DECKS

58 Sound: SANE

59 Shoe insert: TREE

60 Follows a pattern, perhaps: SEWS

62 2006 Verizon acquisition: MCI

64 Listener: EAR

65 Arid: DRY

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