LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 13 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bikini-ready physique, informally: BEACHBOD

9 Missed an easy one: BLEWIT

15 One who finesses the tab, facetiously: ELCHEAPO

16 Yale sobriquet: OLDELI

17 Admits: ALLOWSIN

18 Compound in much tea: TANNIN

19 Pol. site: EUR

20 Cyclotron bits: IONS

22 Sacred musical work: MOTET

23 Lascaux cave paintings, e.g.: ANCIENTART

26 Plentiful: AMPLE

29 Attraction: DRAW

30 Trash: TOSS

33 Postal motto conjunction: NOR

34 Keeps in the email loop: CCS

36 Fictional boxer Joe: PALOOKA

38 Prepare to spring: CROUCH

40 Like some ice cream: NONFAT

41 Relief for aching muscles: HOTSOAK

43 DOJ honchos: AGS

44 Finished a dish: ATE

45 Stadium vendor's stack: ONES

46 Word to a service station attendant: FILL

48 Missed the note, say: ERRED

50 Dejected words: IMAFAILURE

53 "Hidden Figures" actress Janelle __: MONAE

55 Cinematographer Nykvist: SVEN

56 Fried rice additive: MSG

59 Spheres of influence: AMBITS

61 Sandwich spread: EGGSALAD

64 __ Agron, Quinn portrayer on "Glee": DIANNA

65 "The Big Bang Theory" main male characters, notably: TREKKIES

66 Emulate YouTube: STREAM

67 Zinfandel, for one: VARIETAL


1 Arthur with Lead Actress Emmys for two different sitcoms: BEA

2 Glamour rival: ELLE

3 Org. involved in many Supreme Court cases: ACLU

4 Like some gospel music: CHORAL

5 Chop down: HEW

6 Elementary: BASIC

7 Modern crisis subject: OPIOIDS

8 Sierra Nevada's __ Pass: DONNER

9 Many a Tweeter: BOT

10 Alpaca relative: LLAMA

11 Ralph Kramden's pal: EDNORTON

12 Overdid it: WENTTOOFAR

13 Nastase of tennis: ILIE

14 Window shade? TINT

21 Lose it: SNAP

24 Longtime Clark Bar maker: NECCO

25 Bluegrass sound: TWANG

26 Dried chili pepper: ANCHO

27 No-brainer? MORON

28 Bodybuilder's snack: PROTEINBAR

31 Stingray cousin: SKATE

32 Gratified and then some: SATED

35 Banter: CHAFF

37 Many a gambler: LOSER

39 1898 Havana Harbor sinker: USSMAINE

42 Rio and Soul: KIAS

43 Pollen season drug brand: ALLEGRA

47 Sportscast, usually: LIVETV

49 2006's "Casino Royale," for example: REMAKE

51 Blue Cross alternative: AETNA

52 Fussy Felix: UNGER

53 Satirical issues since 1952: MADS

54 Skip over: OMIT

57 Skirt feature: SLIT

58 Greek Mother Earth: GAEA

60 Frodo's sidekick: SAM

62 Deal with moguls: SKI

63 Broadband option, for short: DSL

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