LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 13 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Time gone by: PAST

5 Wedding VIPs with playlists: DJS

8 Shot of liquor: JIGGER

14 Do recon at, as an enemy camp: SCOUTOUT

16 Collection of beehives: APIARY

17 Colorful Top 10 Beatles hit: YELLOWSUBMARINE

19 Apple mobile platform: IOS

20 "When is a door not a door?," e.g.: RIDDLE

21 Colorful Top 10 Prince hit: PURPLERAIN

26 GPS suggestions: RTES

27 Bad picnic omen: ANT

28 Treasure container: CHEST

33 Vienna's land: Abbr.: AUS

34 Delhi dress: SARI

36 Hamm's "Mad Men" role: DRAPER

37 Colorful Top 10 Lemon Pipers hit: GREENTAMBOURINE

40 Open, as a present: UNWRAP

41 "Jeopardy!" first name: ALEX

42 Moon lander, for short: LEM

43 English county on the North Sea: ESSEX

44 Absorbed, as a cost: ATE

45 A bit, in music: POCO

46 Colorful Top 10 Rolling Stones hit: BROWNSUGAR

49 __ of Liberty: STATUE

53 Granola kernel: OAT

54 Colorful Top 10 Santana hit: BLACKMAGICWOMAN

60 Portable HP, say: LAPTOP

61 All tangled up: INASNARL

62 Dwell constantly (on): OBSESS

63 Home of MLB's Cardinals: STL

64 A few: SOME


1 College maj. for a future therapist: PSY

2 Trick taker, usually: ACE

3 Note after fa: SOL

4 Dutch floral export: TULIPS

5 Search for water: DOWSE

6 Gravy, on menus: JUS

7 Guy's name spelled with an alphabet sequence: STU

8 Pack very tightly: JAMIN

9 Apple tablet: IPAD

10 Encircle with a belt: GIRD

11 O'Grady of "NYPD Blue": GAIL

12 Sea eagle: ERNE

13 Corned beef on __: RYE

15 Home Depot purchase: TOOL

18 Petrol pumper: BRIT

21 Czech Republic capital: PRAGUE

22 About-faces: UTURNS

23 Adjusts, as a hem: RESEWS

24 __ avis: RARA

25 Lively, in music: ANIMATO

28 Central idea: CRUX

29 Kramden laugh syllable: HAR

30 Literary wrap-up: EPILOG

31 Five Nations tribe: SENECA

32 Aftershock: TREMOR

34 Munchies, in adspeak: SNAX

35 Novak Djokovic's org.: ATP

36 Anonymous John: DOE

38 Before, old-style: ERE

39 Huffed and puffed: BLEW

44 Length times width, for a rectangle: AREA

45 Hoaxes: PUTONS

46 Dirt road irregularities: BUMPS

47 Diet-friendly: NOCAL

48 Carpentry tools: SAWS

49 Concrete section: SLAB

50 Lights-out music: TAPS

51 Part of un drame: ACTE

52 Bout enders, briefly: TKOS

54 Rain-__ gum: BLO

55 PX patrons: GIS

56 Bad result for a QB: INT

57 Cultural Revolution chairman: MAO

58 Branch: ARM

59 Phillies' div.: NLE

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