LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 13 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Suitable for growing crops: ARABLE

7 Rain unit: DROP

11 4x4, for short: UTE

14 Song with a story: BALLAD

15 Ephesus' region: IONIA

17 Hamburger Hill setting, briefly: NAM


20 Long order: SUB

21 Teacher's note: SEEME

22 Sparkling flapper accessory: TIARA

24 Cobblers' tools: AWLS


31 Dumbledore and Snape, in brief: PROFS

33 Range rover: STEER

34 Military meal: MESS

35 __ rasa: TABULA

37 Clarinet, e.g.: REED


45 Somewhat, to Salieri: POCO

46 "Circus Sideshow" pointillist: SEURAT

48 General vibe: AURA

52 Traditional doings: RITES

55 Skylit lobbies: ATRIA


59 George Harrison's "__ It a Pity": ISNT

60 Kit Kat component: WAFER

61 Capital served by the Queen Alia International Airport: AMMAN

63 Ballpark fig.: EST

64 Secret message technique ... and a hint to four puzzle clues: INVISIBLEINK

71 Pulitzer novelist Harper: LEE

72 Strainer: SIEVE

73 Madrid-based airline: IBERIA

74 Vehicle for some trips: LSD

75 It has a head and hops: BEER

76 Ankle-related: TARSAL


1 Simple comparison: ABC

2 Fan noise: RAH

3 Like: ALA

4 Like ignorance, at times: BLISSFUL

5 "Stay in your __!": LANE

6 Ranger or Corsair: EDSEL

7 Compilation: DIGEST

8 Bulg. neighbor: ROM

9 Half of eleven? ONE

10 Wall map insert: PIN

11 Nader's "__ at Any Speed": UNSAFE

12 Alphabetically penultimate zodiac sign: TAURUS

13 Places in a cell: EMBARS

16 Alaskan site of the only WWII battle on U.S. soil: ATTU

19 Layers of big eggs: EMUS

23 School of thought: ISM

24 Quick: APT

25 Stop shooting: WRAP

26 Timber wolf: LOBO

28 Fork-tailed flier: TERN

29 Coral habitat: REEF

30 Some Blizzard ingredients: OREOS

32 Place to park a clipper: SLIP

36 Scrat's obsession in "Ice Age" films: ACORN

38 De Matteo of "The Sopranos": DREA

40 Juul product, briefly: ECIG

41 Ninth Greek letter: IOTA

42 Fletcher Christian, for one: MUTINEER

43 Does as humans do? ERRS

44 Sprinkle, perhaps: RAIN

47 Skin pic: TAT

48 In addition to that: ASWELL

49 Czar's decrees: UKASES

50 Traveled like Huck and Jim: RAFTED

51 Bolted down: ATE

53 Tip for fixing mistakes? ERASER

54 Highway behemoth: SEMI

57 Camera part: IRIS

58 Gamut: AMBIT

62 Daughter in "The Time Traveler's Wife": ALBA

65 Spoonbill's bill: NIB

66 Angled formation: VEE

67 "__ gotta run!": IVE

68 Collection agcy.: IRS

69 Peeples seen in People: NIA

70 Actor Penn: KAL

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