LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 13 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 13 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 13 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "And another thing ... ": ALSO

5 Up on the latest info: AWARE

10 Not yet paid: OWED

14 California wine valley: NAPA

15 Gathered, as autumn leaves: RAKED

16 Tree fruit: PEAR

17 Of the poorest quality: THIRDCLASS

19 The "I" in MIT: Abbr.: INST

20 Long stretch: EON

21 Communication syst. for the hearing-impaired: ASL

22 Jury __: DUTY

23 Southern speech quality: DRAWL

25 Heart exam: Abbr.: ECG

28 One of the five basic tastes: UMAMI

30 Inventor Howe: ELIAS

32 River through southern Russia: URAL

34 Armed conflict: WAR

35 Novel or short story, say: LITERARYWORK

38 "If I may cut in ... ": AHEM

41 Typically reddish-brown ape: ORANG

42 Varieties: ILKS

43 Fashionable dude: MANABOUTTOWN

46 "The A-Team" muscleman: MRT

47 Pet food brand: ALPO

48 Bottle parts: NECKS

51 "Waiting for Lefty" playwright Clifford: ODETS

53 Capote nickname: TRU

55 Calendar periods: WEEKS

57 Canadian tribe: CREE

58 Sgt., e.g.: NCO

60 Zero: NIL

61 Dog treat: BONE

62 Well-hit line drive, in baseball jargon: FROZENROPE

66 Choice on the fairway: IRON

67 Ruined: DIDIN

68 Big Apple stage award: OBIE

69 Like morning grass: DEWY

70 Well-practiced: ADEPT

71 Politician Romney: MITT


1 Fed the pot: ANTED

2 Pakistani city: LAHORE

3 Kind of column or cord: SPINAL

4 Dinghy blade: OAR

5 Fly ball paths: ARCS

6 2008 Pixar robot: WALLE

7 Letters before an alias: AKA

8 Hi-__ graphics: RES

9 Magazine VIPs: EDS

10 Poppy narcotic: OPIUM

11 Left the 44-Down sans permission: WENTAWOL

12 Patsy: EASYMARK

13 Richard Gere title role: DRT

18 __ Lama: DALAI

22 Fittingly: DULY

24 The name Fred yells at the end of "The Flintstones" closing theme song: WILMA

26 Museum manager: CURATOR

27 Research funding: GRANT

29 Bugs: IRKS

31 Happy hour perch: STOOL

33 Noble gas: ARGON

36 Blow up: ERUPT

37 Pained reaction: WINCE

38 Rifle range rounds: AMMO

39 Dyed-in-the-wool: HARDCORE

40 Words to click on at a sweepstakes website: ENTERNOW

44 Army outpost: BASE

45 Cry of victory: WEWON

49 Jedi Master Obi-Wan __: KENOBI

50 "Never mind" ... or what one might do with the last word of 17-, 35-, 43- and 62-Across: SKIPIT

52 Itsy-bitsy: TEENY

54 Open, as a: UNZIP

56 Icy precipitation: SLEET

59 Small change: CENT

61 eBay action: BID

62 Big Pharma watchdog:: FDA

63 Cleared (of): RID

64 Poem of: ODE

65 CD-__: ROM

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