LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 13 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 To __ her own: EACH

5 Work on, as a bone: GNAW

9 Swedish pop group: ABBA

13 Pond plant with floating "pads": LILY

14 "West Side Story" heroine: MARIA

16 Golf scorecard numbers: PARS

17 TV Mister with a "neighborhood": FREDROGERS

19 MADD ads, e.g.: PSAS

20 Achy from exercise: SORE

21 Italian half-dozen: SEI

22 The "L" in "SNL": LIVE

23 Regular cybersecurity measure: PASSWORDRESET

27 Thurman on screen: UMA

29 Crumpets drink: TEA

30 Enjoy a meal: EAT

31 Fulfill fully: SATE

33 Things best not all put in one basket? EGGS

36 Ocean levels: TIDES

40 Agatha Christie play set in Egypt: MURDERONTHENILE

43 Identify as yours, as baggage: CLAIM

44 College sports org.: NCAA

45 Man or Wight: ISLE

46 Spanish aunt: TIA

48 First-aid set: KIT

50 Cell pic taker: CAM

51 Self-inflicted tennis mistake: UNFORCEDERROR

57 Get close to: NEAR

58 Charlemagne's domain, for short: HRE

59 Disney exec Robert: IGER

61 Painter of limp watches: DALI

62 Like a nonfunctioning vending machine, or what the circled letters are, in two ways: OUTOFORDER

66 Memorable lioness: ELSA

67 Performance sometimes seen through glasses: OPERA

68 German article: EINE

69 Rod partner: REEL

70 "Jurassic Park" menace, briefly: TREX

71 "Halt!": STOP


1 Santa helper: ELF

2 Broadcasts: AIRS

3 Antony's last spouse: CLEOPATRA

4 Monster slain by Hercules: HYDRA

5 Modern food concern, briefly: GMO

6 Old horse: NAG

7 "Am not!" reply: ARESO

8 Electrical job: WIRER

9 Drink replacing "mar" with an apt fruit: APPLETINI

10 Foundation: BASIS

11 Courageous: BRAVE

12 Balance sheet item: ASSET

15 "Step __!": "Outta my way!": ASIDE

18 Take a break: REST

24 Prophet: SEER

25 Old West vehicle: WAGON

26 Per-hour amount: RATE

27 "Semper Fi" org.: USMC

28 Hammering tool: MAUL

32 Opinion piece: EDITORIAL

34 Health supplements co.: GNC

35 Vampire's undoing: STAKE

37 Cast doubt on: DISCREDIT

38 Scat legend Fitzgerald: ELLA

39 Apparently are: SEEM

41 Mideast ruler: EMIR

42 Win by a __: barely beat: HAIR

47 Sneezing sound: ACHOO

49 Emerson, Lake & Palmer, e.g.: TRIO

51 Beneath: UNDER

52 Author Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

53 True-__ test: FALSE

54 Explode in rage: ERUPT

55 Try to stop: DETER

56 Shrek and family: OGRES

60 City sometimes mistaken for the capital of Nevada: RENO

63 Mined resource: ORE

64 Obsolescent document transmitter: FAX

65 One ab crunch, say: REP

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