LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 13 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 13 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 13 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Suffix with silver or glass: WARE

5 1980 Dom DeLuise film: FATSO

10 Cry noisily: SOB

13 Acme: APEX

14 This evening, on marquees: TONITE

15 Actress Longoria: EVA

16 Fiction's opposite: FACT

17 Drag race racer: HOTROD

18 Women's __: LIB

19 Trick-taking game: ECARTE

21 "Stay With Me" singer Smith: SAM


23 Fixes: REPAIRS

25 Does harm to: DAMAGES

27 Prefix with gram or graph: IDEO

28 Earth sci.: ECOL

29 World's largest cognac producer: HENNESSY

33 Cry of distress: HELPME

37 Economist Greenspan: ALAN

38 Marilyn Monroe's first name at birth: NORMA

40 Pakistan neighbor: IRAN

41 Game piece with pips: DOMINO

43 Refused: SAIDNOTO

45 Former House leader Gingrich: NEWT

47 Gurgling sound: GLUG

48 BBC TV series about cars: TOPGEAR

51 "You don't have to tell me": IMAWARE

55 Kia subcompacts: RIOS

56 '60s-'80s Red Sox nickname: YAZ

58 Makes happy: ELATES

59 Raised railroads: ELS

60 Really tired: DONEIN

62 President before Wilson: TAFT

63 Nintendo's Super __: NES

64 Steam shovel scoop: BUCKET

65 The "E" in the HOMES mnemonic: ERIE

66 Dr. with Grammys: DRE

67 Jouster's horse: STEED

68 Ceremony: RITE


1 Kit Kat layer: WAFER

2 Quickly: APACE

3 Brief summary: RECAP

4 Baseball overtime: EXTRAINNINGS

5 Egg __ yung: FOO

6 Carpenter insects: ANTS

7 Rant: TIRADE


9 Multivolume ref. work: OED

10 Former baseball commissioner Bud: SELIG

11 Sheeplike: OVINE

12 Innocents "in the woods": BABES

14 "We're trapped in here!": THERESNOWAYOUT

20 It ebbs and flows: TIDE

22 Frank Lloyd Wright house built around multiple cascades, and what's literally found in this puzzle's circles: FALLINGWATER

24 "Meh": SOSO

26 "The Simpsons" beer server: MOE

29 Fooled: HAD

30 "Xanadu" gp.: ELO

31 '60s war zone: NAM

32 Coll. periods: YRS

34 For: PRO

35 Gym cushion: MAT

36 Musical Brian: ENO

39 Nativity trio: MAGI

42 Formerly, in bridal announcements: NEE

44 Two-part: DUAL

46 Hypnotic state: TRANCE

48 General tendency: TREND

49 Refueling ship: OILER

50 Old West outlaw chasers: POSSE

52 Video game pioneer: ATARI

53 Equip anew: REFIT

54 Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE

57 "The Wizard of Oz" farmhand: ZEKE

60 Sound units, briefly: DBS

61 Mil. roadside hazard: IED

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