LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 13 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Suffix for Wikipedia: ORG

4 Humiliate: ABASE

9 Network with a "Cameras in the Court" page: CSPAN

14 Excessively: TOO

15 Where many watch the Beeb: TELLY

16 Get to laugh: AMUSE


19 Plug-in Chevys: VOLTS

20 Series-ending abbr.: ETAL

21 Lightning __: ROD

22 "Settle down!": COOLIT

23 Delete for security reasons, say: REDACT

25 Alphabetize, e.g.: SORT


32 Lapped (up): ATE

35 Take to a higher court: APPEAL

36 Amana Colonies state: IOWA

37 Copier pioneer: XEROX

39 Taylor of fashion: ANN

40 Likely 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee: JETER

41 Composer Satie: ERIK

42 Taco sauce brand: ORTEGA

44 IRS identifier: SSN


48 In years past: ONCE

49 Range that contains much of the Mark Twain National Forest: OZARKS

53 Temple with an upcurved roof: PAGODA

56 Blue-__: pain relief brand: EMU

58 "Allow me": MAYI

59 Meter measure: USAGE


62 Electric car named for a physicist: TESLA

63 Kirin competitor: ASAHI

64 Zero, in soccer: NIL

65 Get to the point? TAPER

66 Exorcist's target: DEMON

67 "Get how it's done?": SEE


1 "Some __ time": OTHER

2 Waze recommendation: ROUTE

3 Lose one's grip: GOMAD

4 Delta hub code: ATL

5 Draft source: BEERTAP

6 Pet food brand: ALPO

7 Avoided a tag, perhaps: SLID

8 "Queer __": revived style show: EYE

9 Frolic: CAVORT

10 Blended beverage: SMOOTHIE

11 Yank: PULL

12 Bubbly city: ASTI

13 Stick-y place to sleep? NEST

18 Spill the beans: BLAB

22 Slinky shape: COIL

24 Persuade with flattery: COAX

25 Title river in a Gershwin/Caesar song: SWANEE

27 Like Wyoming's population: SPARSE

28 Start of the back nine: TENTH

29 Quickly writes: JOTS

30 Is in the red: OWES

31 It may get crewel treatment: YARN

32 x, y and z, in math: AXES

33 Polo of "The Fosters": TERI

34 Shillelagh's land: ERIN

38 Words that activate an assistant: OKGOOGLE

40 "Empire State of Mind" rapper: JAYZ

42 White-bellied swimmer: ORCA

43 First name in comedy: GROUCHO

46 Make lovable: ENDEAR

47 Souvlaki meat: LAMB

50 Comes down: RAINS

51 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year __ Irving: KYRIE

52 Crab-walk: SIDLE

53 Miniature golf stroke: PUTT

54 Riding the waves: ASEA

55 [Oh no!]: GASP

56 Besides that: ELSE

57 Word said with a tip of the hat: MAAM

60 Evil: BAD

61 It's all relatives: KIN

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