LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 13 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Willing partner: ABLE

5 Dapper dudes: FOPS

9 Break-even transaction: WASH

13 "__ Eye Is on the Sparrow": hymn: HIS

16 Easily played: NAIVE

18 Hilarious sort: RIOT

19 Thelma, to Louise, or vice versa: GALPAL

21 __ Mae: Whoopi's "Ghost" role: ODA

22 *Game piece with a "6" on it: GREENBILLIARDBALL

25 "3x" on an Rx: TER

26 Baskin-Robbins treats: SUNDAES

27 27-member gp.: THEEU

28 Good way to plan: AHEAD

30 GPS command: TURN

31 Toon maker of a female road runner costume: ACME

32 Garland's girl: MINNELLI

35 Tee sizes, initially: SML

38 Curtain holder: ROD

39 Pool hustler: SHARK

41 It's found in a fizz: SLOEGIN

42 __-Dazs: HAAGEN

44 Like many a bow: TIED

45 Selfish pair? ESSES

47 Take advantage of: USE

48 Fluish symptoms: AGUES

49 Lends a hand: AIDS

50 Do some road repairs: RETAR

51 Add to the pot: BET

52 Yard opening: VINE

53 Skin soother: ALOE

54 Name above "The Lady and Her Music" on a 1981 Broadway poster: LENA

55 Kikkoman sauces: SOYS

57 One of two field borders: ENDZONE

59 Where it's at: LOCALE

61 "I will if you will": LETS

63 Neither partner: NOR

64 *Camp sleeping arrangement: DOUBLEBUNKBED

68 Pops: DAD

70 Hardly a vet: TYRO

72 "... __, short and stout": TEAPOT

73 As-the-crow-flies route: BEELINE

75 Chute opener? PARA

77 FedEx rounds, briefly: RTES

78 Hollywood brothers' name: COEN

80 Extras: ANDS

81 __ town: COW

82 It needs a driver: SCREW

84 __ dog: SLED

85 Cook-off bowlful: CHILI

86 Stomach: MAW

87 Thumbs-ups: OKAYS

88 Move quickly, as clouds: SCUD

89 Big name in theaters: WARNER

90 Literally, "going," in scores: ANDANTE

92 Sierra Nevada lake: TAHOE

94 Man Ray contemporary: ARP

95 Higher ed hurdle: GRE

96 Some union acquisitions: STEPSONS

98 Poet: BARD

99 Lowry of kid lit: LOIS

101 __ firma: TERRA

102 Pulls an all-nighter: CRAMS

104 Fictional pilot who said, "Never tell me the odds": HANSOLO

107 "TMI!!": EEW

108 *Where women once learned to stitch: LADIESSEWINGCLASS

113 Stranded letters? RNA

114 Disguise, in a way: ENCODE

115 Wrap that sounds apologetic: SARI

116 Giant's NFL foe: EAGLE

117 Belarus, once: Abbr.: SSR

118 El __: NINO

119 Parted partners: EXES

120 One of three found in each answer to a starred clue: ROOM


1 "Gemini Man" director Lee: ANG

2 Signal-strength display: BARS

3 "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU

4 Occasion: EVENT

5 One on a Facebook list: FRIEND

6 Spa supplies: OILS

7 Pro in a party: POL

8 What a comedy show might have you in: STITCHES

9 Get one's feet wet: WADE

10 Book of memories: ALBUM

11 Cruise amenity: SPA

12 Actor Linden: HAL

13 *Primary concern of a Four Seasons chef: HOTELGUESTDINING

14 One with a vision: IDEALIST

15 Metaphorical rush-hour subway rider: SARDINE

17 Stands the test of time: ENDURES

19 Garson of "Mrs. Miniver": GREER

20 Plains, in Peru: LLANOS

23 Industry tycoon: BARON

24 Sportscaster Rashad: AHMAD

29 "__ Haw": HEE

31 In reserve: ASIDE

33 Rae of "The Lovebirds": ISSA

34 Reds and Cards, briefly: NLERS

35 Shadowless? SHAVEN

36 French military leader with an eponymous line: MAGINOT

37 *'50s-'60s ad competition: LAUNDRYPOWDERWAR

40 Actor Wynn: KEENAN

43 "__ Louise!": GEEZ

44 Andalusian uncle: TIO

46 Celery piece: STALK

49 Early seal hunter: ALEUT

50 Shorten further: RECUT

51 "I'm outta here": BYE

53 Mayo is in it: ANO

54 Timber wolves: LOBOS

56 Quaint shoppe adjective: OLDE

58 Notable feature of 59-Down: ODOR

59 Toon with a 58-Down: LEPEW

60 Subsided: EBBED

62 Adam of "Grown Ups" films: SANDLER

65 Smoothie fruit: BERRY

66 Most up-to-date: LATEST

67 Dusk, to Donne: EEN

69 Hankering: DESIRE

71 Like clams on the half shell: RAW

74 Bert in Oz: LAHR

76 "I didn't __ be here": ASKTO

78 Informed, with "in": CLUED

79 Ref. that added "chapstick" in 2021: OED

81 Base bars: CANTEENS

83 City on the Orne: CAEN

84 "Taxi Driver" director: SCORSESE

85 Tony Soprano's "Got it?": CAPISCE

86 Really nails: MASTERS

87 Marked down: ONSALE

88 Trickeries: SHAMS

89 "Don't think so": WRONG

91 Aries mo.: APR

93 Put down: ABASE

94 Grammy winner Morissette: ALANIS

97 Offspring: SCION

100 Word with panel or system: SOLAR

103 Overhaul: REDO

104 Bring on board: HIRE

105 Maracaibo, por ejemplo: LAGO

106 Munch Museum city: OSLO

109 Fashionable Taylor: ANN

110 Caesar's 601: DCI

111 Tussaud's medium: WAX

112 School yr. division: SEM

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