LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 13 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cabo's peninsula: BAJA

5 Stupefy: BESOT

10 Earthy shade: ECRU

14 "Don't have __, man!": ACOW

15 Jennifer Saunders' "Ab Fab" role: EDINA

16 Room service challenge: SLOB

17 Simba's mate: NALA

18 Pack animal? HIKER

19 Shrewd: CUTE


23 Heavy weight: TON

24 It may need a boost: EGO


34 "Mean Girls" actress: LOHAN

35 Instrument heard in the Doobie Brothers' "Black Water": VIOLA

36 Lived and breathed: WAS

37 Uncompromising: GRIM

38 __ nus: barefoot, in Bordeaux: PIEDS

39 Hilarious one: RIOT

40 Scotch datum: AGE

41 Construct: ERECT

42 Friend of Jerry and George: COSMO


46 Org. with a square-rigger on its seal: USN

47 Jungle swinger: APE


57 Ointment additive: ALOE

58 De Valera of Ireland: EAMON

59 "Dies __": IRAE

60 Array of options: MENU

61 Urban air problem: SMAZE

62 Reposed: LAIN

63 Rear deck: POOP

64 Blush-inducing H.S. class: SEXED

65 House meas.: SQFT


1 Judicial seat: BANC

2 Smoothie fruit: ACAI

3 Cola named for its intended effect: JOLT

4 Football squad in white jerseys, typically: AWAYTEAM

5 Lagging: BEHIND

6 Time change? EDIT

7 Turbaned Punjabi: SIKH

8 Selective Service classification: ONEA

9 Blue Devils' rival: TARHEELS

10 Homeowner's account, perhaps: ESCROW

11 Kind of sandwich or soda: CLUB

12 Tiller opening? ROTO

13 Taxi alternative: UBER

21 Unlike new clothes: WORN

22 Indian tourist mecca: AGRA

25 Like some pond growth: ALGAL

26 Blacksmith's need: FORGE

27 Copper? THIEF

28 Like Wrigley Field's walls: IVIED

29 Many a flower girl: NIECE

30 Acknowledge, in a way: NODTO

31 "It'd be a dream come true": IWISH

32 Judd matriarch: NAOMI

33 Legally prohibit: ESTOP

38 One of Disney's official eleven: PRINCESS

39 Perfume staples: ROSEOILS

41 Forum infinitive: ESSE

42 Yokum cartoonist: CAPP

44 Garage service: TUNEUP

45 Agitated: FANNED

48 Where much tie-dyeing takes place: CAMP

49 Kitchen bar: OLEO

50 Prohibition: NONO

51 Tone down: TAME

52 Camera that uses 70mm film: IMAX

53 Move like honey: OOZE

54 Modern-day Mesopotamia: IRAQ

55 Newbie: NAIF

56 Commonly anchored shelter: TENT

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