LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 13 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hanks who plays Mr. Rogers: TOM

4 Spanish houses: CASAS

9 Watched secretly: SPIED

14 Dr.'s group: AMA

15 Scarlett of fiction: OHARA

16 African river: CONGO

17 Server of shots: BAR

18 Manicurist's tool: NAILCLIPPER

20 Word with sprawl or renewal: URBAN

22 Norse trickster: LOKI

23 Walrus feature: TUSK

24 Made stuff up: LIED

26 Like Mattel's Cathy doll: CHATTY

28 Eponymous '60s-'80s "Airways" entrepreneur: FREDDIELAKER

33 Like desperate straits: DIRE

34 Send with a stamp: MAIL

35 Old Detroit brewer: STROH

39 Like frozen roads: ICY

40 Resolves out of court: SETTLES

42 Paris summer: ETE

43 Spot for a friendly kiss: CHEEK

45 Bit of cat talk: MEOW

46 Mennen lotion: AFTA

47 Attacker or defender of online information systems: CYBERWARRIOR

50 Water heater: BOILER

53 Nuremberg no: NEIN

54 German auto: AUDI

55 Movie lab assistant: IGOR

59 President #2: ADAMS

62 "It" novelist: STEPHENKING

65 Org. for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Across: NBA

66 Remove the chalk: ERASE

67 Muslim holy city: MECCA

68 Home state for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Acr.: CAL

69 Monica of tennis: SELES

70 Beautify: ADORN

71 Suffix with Japan or Milan: ESE


1 "Forbidden" fragrance: TABU

2 Actor Epps: OMAR

3 Bakery item Jerry stole from an old woman in a classic "Seinfeld" episode: MARBLERYE

4 Fooled in a swindle: CONNED

5 "Figured it out!": AHA

6 Windsurfing need: SAIL

7 Guthrie of folk: ARLO

8 Quarterback-tackling stat: SACK

9 Biol. or ecol.: SCI

10 Toaster snack: POPTART

11 Data to enter: INPUT

12 Spew out: EGEST

13 Not at all cool: DORKY

19 Kiss from a pooch: LICK

21 Teacher's helper: AIDE

25 Ten-cent piece: DIME

27 Gas brand with toy trucks: HESS

28 Bank acct.-protecting org.: FDIC

29 Wealthy: RICH

30 Cake directive Alice obeyed: EATME

31 Soda bottle buy: LITER

32 Permit: ALLOW

36 Arrange new terms for, as a loan: REFINANCE

37 Bart's bus driver: OTTO

38 Perceive aurally: HEAR

40 Terrier type: SKYE

41 McGregor of "Doctor Sleep": EWAN

44 "Total" 2017 event visible in a coast-to-coast path from Oregon to South Carolina: ECLIPSE

46 Very dry: ARID

48 Soft French cheese: BRIE

49 President #40: REAGAN

50 Diamond quartet: BASES

51 Off-the-wall: OUTRE

52 Perfect: IDEAL

56 Govt.-owned home financing gp.: GNMA

57 Gave the nod to: OKED

58 Wealthy, to Juan: RICO

60 Corp. execs' degrees: MBAS

61 January "white" event: SALE

63 "For __ a jolly ... ": HES

64 ATM giant: NCR

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