LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 13 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 13 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 13 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hang out in alleys: BOWL

5 Sporty sunroofs: TTOPS

10 Job jar item: TASK

14 Cuatro y cuatro: OCHO

15 Sprightly movement: RONDO

16 Lamb pen name: ELIA

17 Source of damaging rumors: WHISPERCAMPAIGN

20 Vietnam holiday: TET

21 "What the Constitution Means to Me" award: OBIE

22 Like Boo Boo and Baloo: URSINE

23 Lead source: ORE

24 Novelist Deighton: LEN

25 Wile E. Coyote's supplier: ACME

26 Buzz among local gossips: TALKOFTHETOWN

32 Takes short cuts? SNIPS

34 Part of S&L: LOAN

35 FDR 34-Across org.: NHA

36 One of 1,225 in the first published edition of "War and Peace": PAGE

37 They have their pride: LIONS

39 Put a halt to: STOP

40 Is for a few: ARE

41 Carson forerunner: PAAR

42 Hostess snack cakes: HOHOS

43 Nickname of two Six Flags roller coasters: SCREAMMACHINE

47 Tavern orders: ALES

48 Apollo vehicle, briefly: LEM

49 Many miles: FAR

52 Entertained: AMUSED

55 Vegas rival: RENO

56 Hot Dijon season: ETE

57 Question asked with a raised voice, as demonstrated in three long puzzle answers: CANYOUHEARMENOW

60 Verdi opera: AIDA

61 Pants style: CAPRI

62 Retin-A target: ACNE

63 Altar words: IDOS

64 Stall for Time? KIOSK

65 Clarinet need: REED


1 Greet formally, as at the start of a sumo match: BOWTO

2 Earth tone: OCHER

3 Mutant big cat: WHITETIGER

4 __ Gatos, California: LOS

5 Late game show host with seven Emmys: TREBEK

6 "Gran __": 2008 Eastwood film: TORINO

7 __ in a blue moon: ONCE

8 Kissing on the kiss cam, for short: PDA


10 Her Majesty's service? TEASET

11 Others, in old Rome: ALII

12 Put one's name on the line? SIGN

13 Immortal "Citizen": KANE

18 Opinion surveys: POLLS

19 Image creators, for short: PRMEN

25 Loads: ATON

27 Monkey relative: APE

28 Biota growth: FLORA

29 Undecided: ONTHEFENCE

30 Owl's call: WHOO

31 Catches some z's: NAPS

32 Places for hot waxes: SPAS

33 One pulling in pushers: NARC

37 Outgoing officeholder: LAMEDUCK

38 Perfect Portions pet food brand: IAMS

39 Abel, to Adam: SON

41 Throwback diet: PALEO

42 Handmade stadium sign: HIMOM

44 Gut courses: EASYAS

45 Becomes less overcast: CLEARS

46 Playwright Ibsen: HENRIK

50 Even things: ATONE

51 Said 63-Across a second time: REWED

52 Antioxidant-rich berry: ACAI

53 Downton Abbey's Daisy, for one: MAID

54 Go back, on a PC: UNDO

55 Default result: REPO

58 "Bali __": HAI

59 AirPod spot: EAR

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