LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 13 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Assurance on some menus: NOMSG

6 Current event: EDDY

10 Crawled? SWAM

14 Have the floor: ORATE

15 Outback option: RARE

16 Head light: HALO

17 *It's hard to put down: PAGETURNER

19 Like much cheese: AGED

20 Middle of Cannes? ENS

21 Lend, informally, as money: SPOT

22 Think the world of: ADORE

23 *Bond, for one: SECRETAGENT

26 Clothing buyer's pleased words: ITFITS

29 Also-ran's terse summary: ILOST

30 Buzzer beater? SWAT

31 Low point: NADIR

33 "Awesome, dude!": RAD

36 *One of about 50 orbiting the Milky Way: SATELLITEGALAXY

40 Saddlebag carrier: ASS

41 Roof features: EAVES

42 Qwirkle piece: TILE

43 Colonial diplomat Silas: DEANE

45 Julia of "Ozark": GARNER

47 *Put the pedal to the metal: GOGREATGUNS

50 Toyota since 1982: CAMRY

51 31-Down competitor: OLAY

52 Anthem author: KEY

55 Component of 53-Down: OBIE

56 Airport annoyance, and a literal hint to the answers to starred clues: GATECHANGE

59 Slips on: DONS

60 Appearance: MIEN

61 Bagel flavor: ONION

62 Genesis grandson: ENOS

63 Shaw's "__ and the Man": ARMS

64 Units of power: WATTS


1 "Don't think so": NOPE

2 Algerian coastal city: ORAN

3 Time and Money, briefly: MAGS

4 Abbr. in some vineyard names: STE

5 Prepare: GETSET

6 Catcher's interference is charged as one in baseball: ERROR

7 Italy's "Supreme Poet": DANTE

8 Titled rapper: DRE

9 "__ Blues": "White Album" track: YER

10 Nuances: SHADES

11 Old West traveling group: WAGONTRAIN

12 Warn: ALERT

13 Rock's Depeche __: MODE

18 Lines at the checkout counter? UPCS

22 Greek marketplace: AGORA

23 Something to build on: SITE

24 Oceans' motions: TIDES

25 Sacha Baron Cohen persona: ALIG

26 Rae of "Insecure": ISSA

27 Christmas poem opener: TWAS

28 Inaugural Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee: FATSDOMINO

31 Skin care brand: NIVEA

32 Bolted down: ATE

34 Bridge toll unit: AXLE

35 One skilled at giving hints? DYER

37 "Rescue Me" actor Denis: LEARY

38 Road division: LANE

39 USPS deliveries: LTRS

44 Way out: EGRESS

45 Short dip? GUAC

46 "As I was saying ... ": ANYHOW

47 Cameroon neighbor: GABON

48 __ pole: TOTEM

49 Secluded locations: GLENS

50 Airport ID, e.g.: CODE

52 Heal, in a way: KNIT

53 Showbiz "grand slam" acronym: EGOT

54 Itches: YENS

56 Morning TV fare, initially: GMA

57 Word before France or Jordan: AIR

58 CNN anchor Cabrera: ANA

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