LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 13 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It may be tuna-flavored: CATFOOD

8 Words spoken while pointing: THATWAY

15 Places with tanks: AQUARIA

16 Some Australians call it "chateau cardboard": BOXWINE

17 In a peculiar fashion: FUNNILY

18 1996 Olympics site: ATLANTA

19 Most of pewter: TIN

20 [Uh-oh!]: GULP

22 Money: TENDER

23 Golden __: ALES

25 Original "Jeopardy!" announcer: PARDO

27 It's put on: GARB

28 Rock bottom: NADIR

30 Sugar __: BEETS

32 CV section: BIO

33 Two-thirds of 900? ZEROZERO

35 Place to go in London: LOO

36 One hanging around near the church entrance: GREETER

39 Matching 401(k) contribution, e.g.: JOBPERK

41 "Everybody Hurts" band: REM

42 Drink served in two states? ICEWATER

44 "__ recall ... ": ASI

45 Title for Juan Carlos I: ELREY

46 Pony Express employee: RIDER

50 Sugar __: CONE

52 Words on perishables: USEBY

54 The printed one doesn't include specials: MENU

55 Massages: KNEADS

57 Eccentric: KOOK

59 Waiter at a stand: CAB

60 Weak: LANGUID

62 Fruit, so to speak: OUTCOME

64 Territory within another territory: ENCLAVE

65 Walk all over: TREADON

66 Heinz Field athlete: STEELER

67 Elves, in some cases: HELPERS


1 Garment commonly seen in Morocco: CAFTAN

2 Constellation whose name is Latin for 51-Down: AQUILA

3 Stored in a cask: TUNNED

4 Agitate: FAN

5 Not a copy: Abbr.: ORIG

6 Prepare to show some muscle: OILUP

7 Some farmhands: DAYLABORERS

8 Not yet on the sched.: TBA

9 More than eager: HOTTOTROT

10 Semi bar: AXLE

11 Bluegrass characteristic: TWANG

12 Like some watches: WINDABLE

13 Situated toward the front: ANTERIOR

14 High school memento: YEARBOOK

21 Top suit: PREZ

24 What "L" may indicate: SIZE

26 Nightclub VIP's spot: DEEJAYBOOTH

29 Fix, as laces: RETIE

31 Not at all wasted? SOBER

34 Unlikely to be out and about: RECLUSIVE

36 Crowlike birds: GRACKLES

37 Sonorous: RESONANT

38 High standing: EMINENCE

40 Proper partner: PRIM

43 Word with day or end: WEEK

47 Solve, as a cipher: DECODE

48 Win over: ENAMOR

49 17th-century Flemish painter: RUBENS

51 Mexican flag bird: EAGLE

53 "'A' - __ Adorable": Perry Como hit: YOURE

56 Serving two purposes: DUAL

58 "Goofy Greats" record label: KTEL

61 Essen article: DER

63 Hat for an Angel: CAP

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