LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 13 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Come or go, e.g.: VERB

5 Port in Yemen: ADEN

9 Cheese with holes: SWISS

14 Side squared, for a square: AREA

15 Jackson 5 brother: TITO

16 Foolish one: NINNY

17 *Rock group since the '80s with the worldwide hit "Creep": RADIOHEAD

19 Like Keebler's animated bakers: ELFIN

20 2020 amt. so far, on paychecks: YTD

21 Exams: TESTS

22 Upper crust: ELITE

23 Turns loose: FREES

24 "East of Eden" son named for Moses' older brother: ARON

25 *0-0, in tennis: LOVEALL

28 *Improving trend: UPSWING

31 Fed. power dept.: ENER

32 Most draftable: ONEA

33 Only Canadian MLB city: TOR

34 Author Beattie: ANN

35 Itemized concert songs in playing order ... and what all the words in answers to starred clues comprise: SETLIST

38 Here, in France: ICI

39 Stew holder: POT

40 Had too much, briefly: ODED

41 Elliptical: OVAL

42 *The two-engine F-15 Eagle, e.g.: TWINJET

44 *Greeting card for an ailing friend: GETWELL

47 Bird on Canada's dollar coin: LOON

48 Poet Elinor or author Philip: WYLIE

49 Longtime SeaWorld attraction: SHAMU

51 Rip to pieces: SHRED

52 Enjoy Aspen: SKI

55 Peter, pumpkinwise: EATER

56 *Lack of subtlety: HEAVYHAND

58 Online finance firm: ELOAN

59 One-named Deco artist: ERTE

60 Adored singer, say: IDOL

61 Harbor towns: PORTS

62 Caught in the act: SEEN

63 Wet with morning moisture: DEWY


1 Fluctuate: VARY

2 The "E" in Q.E.D.: ERAT

3 Foxx of "Sanford and Son": REDD

4 Ling of "The Crow": BAI

5 Like an obedient dog on a walk: ATHEEL

6 Semi fuel: DIESEL

7 French states: ETATS

8 Agreeing gestures: NODS

9 Shows contempt for: SNEERSAT

10 "Weeping" tree: WILLOW

11 It's split in Captain Kirk's "to boldly go": INFINITIVE

12 Agitated state: SNIT

13 "Auld Lang __": SYNE

18 Other, to Ortiz: OTRA

23 Votin' yes on: FER

24 Copies: APES

25 Jumped: LEAPT

26 Currently airing: ONNOW

27 Device providing fresh air: VENTILATOR

28 Prefix with form or brow: UNI

29 Lite to the max: NOCAL

30 Cook over coals: GRILL

32 "__ King Cole": OLD

35 Temporary stays: SOJOURNS

36 Barbara of "I Dream of Jeannie": EDEN

37 Hanoi holiday: TET

41 Be indebted to: OWE

43 Vegetarian credo: NOMEAT

44 Whirl on the dance floor: GYRATE

45 High dice roll: ELEVEN

46 Neat: TIDY

48 Word of location: WHERE

49 Ooze: SEEP

50 Angel's topper: HALO

51 Cows and sows: SHES

52 Marquis de __: SADE

53 Don't have to ask: KNOW

54 In a shiftless way: IDLY

57 Ducked out of sight: HID

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