LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 13 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Top of the slopes: SKIHAT

7 Recuperation area: POSTOP

13 Pokémon species with lightning bolt-shaped tails: PIKACHU

15 Jane Eyre, for one: HEROINE

16 Like many store-bought juices: FROMCONCENTRATE

18 They might result from omission: SINS

19 Muscat money: RIAL

20 Badly damaged Asian sea: ARAL

21 Like BOS and ATL: INTL

22 Golf bag features: STRAPS

24 Big name in Argentine politics: PERON

28 Extensive, themed tattoo: SLEEVE

30 Filmmaker's __ light: KLIEG

31 Digitizes, in a way: SCANS

32 Bit of physics: ION

35 Placement question: WHEREDOESTHISGO

38 Yang partner: YIN

39 "A Gallery of Children" author: MILNE

40 Yellowish color: OCHRE

41 Personally give: HANDTO

42 Fifth __: WHEEL

43 Really fancy: DESIRE

46 Reasons for repeating courses: EFFS

48 Bakery finisher: ICER

49 What "T" may mean: TRUE

50 Bedazzles: AWES

54 Insomniacs have them: SLEEPLESSNIGHTS

58 Bundt, e.g.: CAKETIN

59 Squeak by: EDGEOUT

60 "That's a shame": ITSSAD

61 Legendary Manhattan eatery: SARDIS


1 Tanning nos.: SPFS

2 Te Kanawa of opera: KIRI

3 Ford subcompact: IKON

4 Challenges for directors: HAMS

5 Notre Dame is in it, oddly: Abbr.: ACC

6 Side issue? THORN

7 Fenced-in area: PEN

8 Food scrap: ORT

9 Title words after "ours is a love," in a Jimmy Dorsey classic: SORARE

10 Queen topper: TIARA

11 At hand: ONTAP

12 Skins: PEELS

14 Restocking criterion: UNITSSOLD

15 Daughter of Loki: HEL

17 Where many orders are taken: CALLCENTERS

21 1959-'60 heavyweight champ Johansson: INGEMAR

22 Emitted, with "out": SENT

23 "L.A. Law" and "Law & Order": TVSHOWS

24 Garden State, e.g.: Abbr.: PKWY

25 Pre-coll. catchall: ELHI

26 French nada: RIEN

27 "... __ a perfum'd sea": Poe's "To Helen": OER

29 App tester's concern: EASEOFUSE

32 "__ kidding?": ISHE

33 Fiona, for one: OGRE

34 Caroling unit: NOEL

36 Patronize, with "at": DINE

37 German pronoun: ICH

41 Holiday season additions: HIREES

43 First of a box set: DISCI

44 __ de rire: burst of laughter: ECLAT

45 Personals verb: SEEKS

47 Provides (for oneself): FENDS

49 Common face card value: TEN

50 Too much sun, they say: AGER

51 "__ you think it was?": WHOD

52 Sewing shop buy: ETUI

53 Bygone boomers: SSTS

55 School support gp.: PTA

56 Metaphor for a cover-up: LID

57 Whole Foods Market competitor: IGA

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