LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 13 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wrap up: SWATHE

7 Game-watching, maybe: ONSAFARI

15 "Y Is for Yesterday" sleuth Millhone: KINSEY

16 One skilled at spelling: SORCERER

17 __ of: address words: INCARE

18 Rocky time? STONEAGE

19 Slow-witted Bergen puppet: SNERD

20 8-Down, e.g.: BIO

21 Impish: ELFIN

22 Boo follower: HISS

23 Key contraction: OER

24 "Likewise": SAME

25 Elect: OPT

26 Attributive term: ALA

28 One presented for payment: IOU

31 Driver's aid: TEE

32 Legal show for 40 years, with "The": PEOPLESCOURT

36 Youngest-ever "Time" Person of the Year: GRETATHUNBERG

39 Formal seizure: CONFISCATION

41 Tyke: TOT

44 Early Beatle Sutcliffe: STU

45 "The Last Jedi" villain Kylo: REN

46 Sticky substance: GOO

47 Pique: WHET

49 Tennis strategy: LOB

51 Brits' luxury cars: JAGS

52 Singer who founded a sewing company: ISAAC

54 Seasonal drink: NOG

55 "Romeo Must Die" star: JETLI

56 Riviera resort, briefly: STTROPEZ

58 President, at times: VETOER

59 "__ Wins By a Hare": Bugs Bunny cartoon: TORTOISE

60 Dog on a bun: WEENIE

61 Throw that anticipates the receiver's timely arrival: SPOTPASS

62 Puck: SPRITE


1 Business concerned with going downhill: SKISHOP

2 Jets' home: WINNIPEG

3 Great-grandmother, say: ANCESTOR

4 Nicholas II et al.: TSARS

5 Round up: HERD

6 Word with chart or color: EYE

7 Actor Davis: OSSIE

8 2015 best-selling 20-Across: NOTORIOUSRBG

9 Full house sign: SRO

10 Bad marks: ACNE

11 Touches: FEELS

12 Co-Nobelist with Rabin and Peres: ARAFAT

13 Ruling period: REGIME

14 The "I" in "E.I. du Pont": IRENEE


26 Some saxes: ALTOS

27 Listed in Liverpool? LEANT

29 Cup fraction: OUNCE

30 NFL coach Meyer: URBAN

33 Chest muscle, briefly: PEC

34 Phi follower: CHI

35 Vietnamese festival: TET

37 Pasta order: RIGATONI

38 Modern-day checking suggestion: GOOGLEIT

40 "Nuh-uh!": NOSIREE

41 Citrus garnishes: TWISTS

42 "C'mon, I'm not that good!": OHSTOP

43 Italian playhouse: TEATRO

48 Pulitzer-winning "The Goldfinch" novelist Donna: TARTT

50 Inches: OOZES

51 Yankee whose #2 was retired in 2017: JETER

53 Fowl area: COOP

55 Cherokee on wheels: JEEP

57 __ mater: PIA

58 Golfs on wheels, briefly: VWS

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