LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 13 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wood that means "raft" in Spanish: BALSA

6 Small openings: PORES

11 B-boy connector: ASIN

15 TV father of Rod and Todd Flanders: NED

18 Japanese brew: ASAHI

19 Virtuous sort: SAINT

20 Words said with a finger wag: NONO

21 Vatican figure: POPE

22 Disturbance on the cruise ship pool deck? LIDOSCUFFLE

24 Bet using inside info: ACTONATIP

26 Chicken tikka __: curry dish: MASALA

27 Fixed look: STARE

29 Pleasure seeker: HEDONIST

30 Not as much: LESS

32 Youth organization skills contest? SCOUTINGMATCH

34 5 mL, in recipes: TSP

37 Avoid: SHUN

39 Cork coin word: EIRE

40 Cowboys or Broncos: TEAM

41 Lotion additive: ALOE

43 Prep for publication: EDIT

45 Oxford notables: DONS

47 Valleys: DALES

51 Fraud involving bedding? PILLOWSCAM

54 Rigs on the road: SEMIS

57 Put in the mail: SENT

58 Surrey racecourse town: EPSOM

59 Massive: EPIC

61 Pack (down): TAMP

62 Poetic tribute: ODE

63 The Arno runs through it: PISA

66 Overnight spot: INN

67 Resorts with springs: SPAS

69 "Stat!": NOW

70 Prison guard's subjugation, slangily? THETAMINGOFTHESCREW

76 Run out of juice: DIE

77 Bro and sis: SIBS

78 Shoe part: TOE

79 Texter's "Too funny!": LMAO

80 "Do __ solid": MEA

81 Bouncy tune: LILT

83 Quaint oath: EGAD

85 Montague teen: ROMEO

89 Island that's the westernmost point of Alaska: ATTU

91 More than one would hope to pay: STEEP

93 Hardly a bountiful burg? SCANTYTOWN

96 Seventh-century pope: JOHNV

98 Arduous journey: SLOG

100 Red-wearing duck triplet: HUEY

101 Minor quarrel: SPAT

102 __ High Stadium: MILE

105 Blockhead: CLOD

107 Strong lager: BOCK

109 __-Caps: SNO

110 Transport for old-fashioned folks? SQUARESCOOTER

115 Puckery: SOUR

117 Audio tape making a comeback: CASSETTE

118 Living room staples: SOFAS

120 Low tie: ONEALL

124 Observed Passover, in a way: ATEKOSHER

126 Passenger leaving Edinburgh Airport? PARTINGSCOT

128 They may be black or yellow: LABS

129 Fleck with a banjo: BELA

130 Heist film series surname: OCEAN

131 Full of passion: FIERY

132 Martini order: DRY

133 God of love: EROS

134 Earth, in some sci-fi: TERRA

135 Over-__: sports bet: UNDER


1 Lip help: BALM

2 Sri Lanka locale: ASIA

3 Blokes: LADS

4 Submerged ridge: SHOAL

5 Supermarket sections: AISLES

6 The Big Ten's Nittany Lions: Abbr.: PSU

7 Clumsy sorts: OAFS

8 Splits: RIFTS

9 Wrap around: ENLACE

10 MLB's __ era: STEROID

11 Actress Gasteyer: ANA

12 Russian city that hosted the 2014 Olympics: SOCHI

13 Purpose: INTENT

14 Pester: NOODGE

15 Tag cry: NOTIT

16 Anglican denom.: EPISC

17 Poor essay's lack: DEPTH

21 Tropical toppers: PANAMAS

23 Nut from the tropics: CASHEW

25 Wanderer: NOMAD

28 Continental coins: EUROS

31 Brewski: SUDS

33 Basic principle: TENET

34 Sticky or ticker: TAPE

35 Minor error: SLIP

36 D.C. veterans: POLS

38 French Riviera city: NICE

42 Emulate Monroe and DiMaggio: ELOPE

44 Easy putt: TAPIN

46 Many a tennis winner: SMASH

48 Spaghetti Western director Sergio: LEONE

49 Fund for the long haul: ENDOW

50 Meal in a bowl: STEW

52 Forgets about, maybe: OMITS

53 Artistic Chinese dynasty: MING

55 Push forward: IMPEL

56 Jerk: SPASM

60 Monetary nickname based on a Roman numeral: CNOTE

64 Heads out of port: SAILS

65 Scope: AMBIT

68 Spine-tingling, maybe: SCARY

70 Connect with: TIETO

71 Hershey's __ bar: HEATH

72 Dots on some charts: ISLES

73 Confused states: FOGS

74 Give lessons: TEACH

75 Ancestry: ROOTS

76 Key of Brahms' Symphony No. 2: DMAJ

82 Phone service outfit: TELCO

84 Apply crudely: DAUB

86 Janitorial tools: MOPS

87 Scottish Gaelic John: EWAN

88 "I'm __ your scheme!": ONTO

90 Bares, in a way: UNMASKS

92 Golf shop array: POLOS

94 Modernists, briefly: NEOS

95 Leader that rhymes with a storm: TYCOON

97 Small greenish songbird: VIREO

99 Deteriorate: GOTOPOT

103 Doesn't disturb: LETSBE

104 Old Testament queen: ESTHER

106 Cover with graffiti: DEFACE

108 Panda's skill, in a 2008 film: KUNGFU

110 Burn badly: SCALD

111 Arabian Peninsula land: QATAR

112 Words before some dates: USEBY

113 Green with Grammys: CEELO

114 More red, but not visibly: RARER

116 Epoxy, e.g.: RESIN

119 Cast topper, usually: STAR

121 Prevented a return from: ACED

122 Tales of the past: LORE

123 Astronomical dist.: LTYR

125 Coll. dorm figures: RAS

127 Words with nutshell and pickle: INA

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