LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 May 2018

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Los Angeles Times 13 May 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 May 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stops up: DAMS

5 Some shells: AMMO

9 Blokes: CHAPS

14 Bee's landing place: PETAL

19 Abbr. covering unlisted items: ETAL

20 Part of the rural scenery: BARN

21 Yoga term meaning "force": HATHA

22 Elevate: EXALT


26 National capital on Cape Verde: DAKAR

27 Dr. __ Hahn on "Grey's Anatomy": ERICA

28 Best possible: IDEAL

29 They hang at parties: STREAMERS

31 Word from the French for "little wing": AILERON

33 Tech tutorials site: CNET

35 Dadaism pioneer: ERNST

36 Federal hush-hush org.: NSA

37 Hotel housekeeper's concern? BLANKETFORMAT

41 Easter entrée: HAM

44 Rockies roamer: MOOSE


46 Like San Francisco's Coit Tower: DECO

47 It's everything, they say: TIMING

50 1910s conflict: WWI

53 Spike with films: LEE

54 "Two mints in one" sloganeer: CERTS

55 Brazen: BRASSY

56 Muppets watchers: TOTS

58 Muppets' address, briefly: SESAMEST

61 Upscale retailer: SAKS

62 Gave a leg up: BOOSTED

65 Rattler's weapon: VENOM

66 Air pump letters: PSI

67 Woman's surprise party for her kids' kids? GRANDMASCHEME

70 Edwards, e.g.: Abbr.: AFB

73 Net, but not Jet or Met: NBAER

75 Like some massages: SENSUAL

76 Bitter __: PILL

77 Certain dietary abstinence: VEGANISM

80 Civil War topper: KEPI

81 Part of a squirrel's stash: WALNUT

83 __ for the ride: ALONG

84 BOLO equivalent: APB

87 Old atlas letters: SSR

88 Burdens: ONUSES

89 Plentiful: RIFE

90 Potato often used for fries: RUSSET

93 Pub stickers: DARTS

95 Slangy assent: YEH

96 "One man's trash ... "? JUNKYARDDOGMA

99 Toss in: ADD

102 IRS convenience: EFILE

104 Like four-leaf clovers: RARE

105 The one that got away: ESCAPEE

107 "Do tell!": IMALLEARS

111 Shot in the dark: GUESS

113 Openings for Tolkien and Rowling?: Abbr.: INITS

114 Nursery rhyme dieter: SPRAT

115 Sniffle over some Austen? READEMMAANDWEEP

118 Hanukkah fare: LATKE

119 Sporty old Ford: TBIRD

120 So: ERGO

121 Beginning to bat? ACRO

122 Lessened: EASED

123 Jack of "The Wizard of Oz": HALEY

124 Celine of pop: DION

125 Staff notation: REST


1 Hardly dignify: DEMEAN

2 Pioneering game consoles: ATARIS

3 Heavy envelope makeup: MANILA

4 Pizza purchase: SLICE

5 Monkey in "Aladdin": ABU

6 Places to tie up: MARINAS

7 "A horse, of course, of course": MRED

8 In a circle near a diamond: ONDECK

9 Skiers' retreats: CHALETS

10 Hesitate while speaking: HAW

11 24-hr. banking spots: ATMS

12 Old-style "Wicked!": PHAT

13 Riviera resort: SANREMO

14 Know-it-all: PEDANT

15 High school hurdles: EXAMS

16 Ask for a doggie bag? TAKETHEREMAINS

17 Banned orchard spray: ALAR

18 P.O. box fillers: LTRS

24 Copies made on onionskin, probably: CARBONS

25 Word with fast or passing: LANE

30 Baseball stats: ERAS

32 Informal science: OLOGY

34 Big name in nonstick cookware: TFAL

38 Unit of force: NEWTON

39 Scrabble vowel value: ONE

40 Bartender's array: RYES

42 Fifth book of the New Testament: ACTS

43 More than half: MOST

44 Unsuccessful swing: MISS

46 Test-drive car, e.g.: DEMO

47 Recipe meas.: TBSP

48 Some S&L plans: IRAS

49 Frequent February craft project? MAKINGOFHEARTS

51 "The __ are lovely, dark and deep": Frost: WOODS

52 "Who's there?" reply: ITSME

54 House prop: CANE

57 Really bombed: STANK

59 First name in ramp-to-ramp jumping: EVEL

60 Univ. term: SEM

62 You may hum a few: BAIS

63 Trio of asses? ESSES

64 Bikini specs: DCUPS

67 Funk band Kool & the __: GANG

68 Outdoorsy sort's retailer: REI

69 Dresser's concern? HAIRDO

71 Harmful gas outlet: FLUE

72 Crunchy lunches: BLTS

74 Nemesis: BANE

76 Favorable aspect: PLUS

77 What prices may do: VARY

78 Wiesel with a Nobel: ELIE

79 Halloween staple: MASK

81 Bait, often: WORMS

82 Hot wings chaser, perhaps: ANTACID

85 Aspiring therapist's maj.: PSY

86 Black or brown critter: BEAR

90 "No cellphone at dinner," say: RULE

91 Dig up: UNEAITH

92 Shakespearean genre: TIAGEDY

94 Back in the day: AGESAGO

96 Unexpectedly and unhappily single: JILTED

97 Starr-struck one? DIUM

98 Held: DEEMED

99 For each one: APIECE

100 Tries to prevent: DETERS

101 Pharaoh, for one: DESPOT

103 Space cadet: FLAKE

106 Egypt's Sadat: ANWAR

107 Cartographer's speck: ISLE

108 Hollywood rating gp.: MIAA

109 Sitcom that starred a singer: REBA

110 Windsurfing need: SAIL

112 Wrapped wear: SARI

116 "Compton" album maker: DRE

117 Rouen rejection: NON

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