LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 13 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Core-strengthening exercise: PLANK

6 Longtime Manhattan punk rock venue: CBGB

10 Uno más de siete: OCHO

14 Some area factors: RADII

15 Warning from a king: ROAR

16 "The Daily Show" host Trevor __: NOAH

17 Medicine cabinet brand: ORALB

18 Words of deferential obedience: ASYOUWISH

20 Super Bowl award: MVP

21 Outlaws: BANS

23 Runs across: SPANS

24 Trendy coffee additive: OATMILK

26 Poetically huge: ENORM

27 Bodega cash source: ATM

28 Jazz classic, say: STANDARD

31 It helps achieve a crispier pie crust: PIZZASTONE

34 Dude: GUY

35 Tunneling critter: MOLE

36 Singer/songwriter Janis: IAN

37 Nosh: BITE

38 Silent communication syst.: ASL

39 One way to find a website: BINGSEARCH

43 Wrangler relative: CHEROKEE

45 Customizable Nintendo avatar: MII

46 Hired muscle: GOONS

47 Pyromaniac: FIREBUG

51 Shot banned in some pool halls: MASSE

52 Tree hangers, at times: HATS

53 Jewelry company Alex and __: ANI

54 Do a campground chore, and a hint to the circled letters: SPLITWOOD

56 Photo-sharing app, familiarly: INSTA

58 "Stop right there!": HALT

59 Not doing much: IDLE

60 Replace a dancer, perhaps: CUTIN

61 DaCosta of "Chicago Med": YAYA

62 Oolong and Pu'er: TEAS

63 Prepared to be knighted: KNELT


1 BOGO, say: PROMO

2 Early insect form: LARVA

3 Change as needed: ADAPT

4 Soccer score word: NIL

5 Spectate intrusively: Var.: KIBBITZ

6 Turn (up), as volume: CRANK

7 Meeting caller: BOSS

8 "Hunger" memoirist Roxane __: GAY

9 Bond before Craig: BROSNAN

10 "Let's keep going!": ONWARD

11 Cousin of card tricks: COINMAGIC

12 Popular avocado variety: HASS

13 Cry with a head slap: OHH

19 Leading by a bit: UPONE

22 Michigan city or college: ALMA

25 Kid's menu diversion: MAZE

26 Stiff collars: ETONS

28 Put on: STAGE

29 Gehrig teammate: RUTH

30 Easter supply: DYE

31 Suitable for the upper crust: POSH

32 Risking a ticket: ILLEGALLY

33 Trig ratios: SINES

35 Bub: MAC

37 Baguette spread: BRIE

39 Help for a parade-watching tot: BOOST

40 "You didn't fool me!": IKNEWIT

41 Send forth: EMIT

42 Miserable in mid-flight, perhaps: AIRSICK

44 Bilingual Muppet: ROSITA

47 Crew cut cousins: FADES

48 Keep moist, in a way: BASTE

49 Ending at: UNTIL

50 Top-of-the-beanstalk dweller: GIANT

51 Film-rating org.: MPAA

52 44-Down's "Hi": HOLA

54 Unlikely to make the first move: SHY

55 Linguistic tribute: ODE

57 Vow taker: NUN

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