LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 13 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Steinbeck surname: JOAD

5 Russian assembly: DUMA

9 Overdoes the fandom, in slang: STANS

14 Liqueur that water turns cloudy: OUZO

15 NASDAQ newbies: IPOS

16 Convent outfit: HABIT

17 Inadequate Wikipedia entry: STUB

18 "Cool it!": STOP

19 Things: ITEMS

20 Play about the shortcomings of capitalism, abridged? SALESMANSDEATH

23 Capital of Iran: RIAL

24 Stately tree: ELM

25 YA series about an insecure preadolescent, abridged? WIMPYKIDSDIARY

32 Nutrition bar marketed to women: LUNA

33 Acorn trees: OAKS

34 University of Pennsylvania swimmer Thomas: LIA

35 "Love __ Open Door": "Frozen" duet: ISAN

36 See 46-Down: HANKS

38 Savor the sun: BASK

39 Poke tuna: AHI

40 Garment worn with a choli: SARI

41 Annoys: IRKS

42 Film about a crime in a small town, abridged? MURDERSANATOMY

47 Sci-fi aviators: ETS

48 Apple gadget: IPOD

49 Novel about a Japanese entertainer, abridged? GEISHASMEMOIRS

56 Nursery supply: MULCH

57 SALT weapon: ICBM

58 Bubbly name: MOET

59 Hunter-gatherer diet: PALEO

60 Hill partner: DALE

61 Craftsy etailer: ETSY

62 "Hacks" Emmy winner Jean: SMART

63 "Preach!": AMEN

64 Gratify: SATE


1 "You Had Me" singer Stone: JOSS

2 "I'm __ here!": OUTA

3 Un color primario: AZUL

4 El Diablo of "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," e.g.: DOBERMAN

5 Consternation: DISMAY

6 Rise in pitch that can make a statement sound like a question: UPTALK

7 Apollo theater? MOON

8 "Raiders of the Lost Ark" snakes: ASPS

9 Claressa who is the only American boxer to win consecutive Olympic gold medals: SHIELDS

10 Woven floor mat: TATAMI

11 Lie for, say: ABET

12 "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of __": NIMH

13 D and C in D.C.: STS

21 Sample: SIP

22 Newsroom bureaus: DESKS

25 Chinese martial art: WUSHU

26 "... bombs bursting __": INAIR

27 Ancient Greek region: IONIA

28 Black Hills terr.: DAK

29 Chili rating unit: ALARM

30 Like junk bonds: RISKY

31 Shaggy Himalayan locals: YAKS

32 Payne of One Direction: LIAM

36 "Don't __ my mellow!": HARSH

37 Rolling Rock openers? ARS

38 Closed ecosystems: BIODOMES

40 Basket made without weaving? SETSHOT

43 Severe cold remedy? DEICER

44 Agile: NIMBLE

45 Zaius, Thade, et al.: APEMEN

46 With 36-Across, "Big" star: TOM

49 Island in Micronesia: GUAM

50 Fashion designer Emhoff: ELLA

51 Turturro of "The Sopranos": AIDA

52 Con job: SCAM

53 Whit: IOTA

54 Take ten: REST

55 Ocular malady: STYE

56 U.K. lawmakers: MPS

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