LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 13 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 13 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Best Supporting Actor nominee for "Forrest Gump": SINISE

7 Terra __: FIRMA

12 Glass raiser's opening: ATOAST

18 Warren Buffett, for one: OMAHAN

19 Get off: DETRAIN

21 Entertain at bedtime: READTO


25 Giraffe cousin: OKAPI

26 Sitcom planet: ORK

27 Less concerned with your privacy: NOSIER

28 Was second to none: LED

29 Like many Richard Matheson stories: EERIE

31 Holy: SACRED

33 Remains at the butcher: OFFAL


40 Ticks off: ANNOYS

41 Nashville venue: OPRY

42 Traditional tomato paste fruit: ROMA

43 Moldova currency: LEU

44 Just make: EKEOUT

47 Oversupply: GLUT

49 Pub order, briefly: IPA


58 Belgian expressionist James: ENSOR

59 Fed lines: CUED

60 __ Mae: SALLIE

61 Kim's last name, in Kipling's novel: OHARA

64 U.S. Army specialists' underlings: Abbr.: PFCS

67 __ Mawr: Pennsylvania college town: BRYN

69 Braves, but not Indians, briefly: NLERS

70 Stinging crawler: REDANT

72 Of the flock: LAIC

74 Moistening liquid: BASTE


83 Penn in NYC, e.g.: STN

84 9, at times: Abbr.: SEPT

85 Modern research aid: GOOGLE

86 Praise that's usually not prose: ODE

87 New Look designer: DIOR

89 Rope fiber: HEMP

90 Follow-up to a finish: EPILOG


100 "Let's give __": ITAGO

101 Reach, as great heights: SOARTO

102 Sock material: LISLE

103 Urgent knock: RAP

104 Morning prayers: MATINS

106 Pinky __: TOE

107 Snap course: EASYA


116 Gretzky's first NHL team: OILERS

117 Hot stuff: EROTICA

118 Pain in the side: STITCH

119 Stated with authority: SAIDSO

120 Hamlet and others: DANES

121 Hong Kong airline __ Pacific: CATHAY


1 Explorer Hernando de __: SOTO

2 "Don't worry about me": IMOK

3 Poland Spring competitor: NAYA

4 "With any luck!": IHOPESO

5 Fullness: SATIETY

6 "Bambi" doe: ENA

7 Data-uploading initials: FTP

8 Author Levin: IRA

9 Off-color, as a joke: RAUNCHY

10 Olympic skater Ito: MIDORI

11 Liqueur-flavoring plants: ANISES

12 Two-time Indy 500 champ Luyendyk: ARIE

13 Spot for a spot: TEAROOM

14 Clumsy sort: OAF

15 Big name in menswear: ADOLFO

16 Transfer for immediate viewing: STREAM

17 Take baby steps: TODDLE

19 "Criminal Minds" agent Morgan: DEREK

20 Fearful sound: EEK

23 Participate: JOIN

24 Former apparel store with a backward letter in its name: KIDSRUS

30 Staircase components: RISERS

31 Absorb: SOPUP

32 __ valve: heart part: AORTIC

34 Govt. mortgage agency: FHA

35 Beinecke Library site: YALE

36 Scott Turow memoir: ONEL

37 Coin word: UNUM

38 Hire: BOOK

39 Black-clad subculturists: GOTHS

45 Surgeon general under Reagan: KOOP

46 Winter hat feature: EARFLAP

47 "The Waltons" actor Will: GEER

48 Insect making spotty appearances? LADYBUG

49 Just sitting, say: IDLE

50 Scissors need: PAIR

51 Son of Zeus: ARES

53 Wild: FERAL

54 Cockamamie: INANE

55 Central point: NUB

56 "The Divine Comedy" division: CANTO

57 Pompeo of ÒGreyÕs AnatomyÓ: ELLEN

61 Eyes, poetically: ORBS

62 Pressure: HEAT

63 Server's edge: ADIN

65 Amazon icon: CART

66 Bro or sis: SIB

68 Shaker contents, chemically: NACL

71 Boxing's "Iron Mike": TYSON

73 Convincing: COGENT

75 '50s-'60s country singer McDonald: SKEETS

77 Glass raiser's opening: HERESTO

78 "Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs" speaker: ROMEO

79 1995 comet observer: BOPP

80 Kansas city: IOLA

81 Olfactory stimulus: ODOR

82 Requirements for prints, for short: NEGS

87 Was really into: DUG

88 Related compounds: ISOMERS

89 Author Zora Neale __: HURSTON

91 Cornmeal dish: POLENTA

92 "My mind is made up!": IMEANIT

93 Many September births: VIRGOS

94 List closing: ETALIA

95 City near Monte Vesuvio: NAPOLI

96 Composed: POISED

97 Indian spiritual tradition: TANTRA

98 2010 Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas __: LLOSA

99 Road reversals, for short: UIES

105 Lhasa __: APSO

106 Gumshoe: TEC

108 First family brother: SETH

109 Female leadership org.: YWCA

110 Pale: ASHY

112 Bunk, e.g.: BED

113 Meteor tail? ITE

114 Start to represent? MIS

115 Trojans' sch.: USC

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