LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 November 2017

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Los Angeles Times 13 November 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 November 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Position at work: JOB

4 Busy as __: ABEE

8 India neighbor: NEPAL

13 "You __ here": mall map words: ARE

14 Banquet, e.g.: MEAL

15 Top-quality: SELECT

16 With 36-Across, Polo Grounds great: MEL

17 Saber-rattling: THREATOFWAR

19 Ravel classic: BOLERO

21 Car dealer's no.: MSRP

22 Bro's sib: SIS

23 Carry on wildly: RANT

25 Regatta propellers: OARS

27 Shed a few pounds: TAKEOFFWEIGHT

32 California's San __ Obispo: LUIS

34 Disco __: "The Simpsons" character: STU

35 More up-to-date: NEWER

36 See 16-Across: OTT

37 Shed purpose: STORAGE

40 Dismantled Brit. music conglomerate: EMI

41 Truckee River's lake: TAHOE

43 Crude __: OIL

44 Small cut: SNIP

45 Romantic triangle figure: THEOTHERWOMAN

49 Continuous change: FLUX

50 "__ le roi!": French Revolution cry: ABAS

51 Relaxing retreat: SPA

54 Drop from a list: OMIT

56 Rose garden pests: APHIDS

60 End up just fine: TURNOUTWELL

63 After-tax: NET

64 What a password provides: ACCESS

65 Not working: IDLE

66 Rocks in a bar: ICE

67 Giggly sound: TEHEE

68 Little dog breeds: TOYS

69 Highway breakdown need ... or, initially, feature of 17-, 27-, 45- and 60-Across: TOW


1 Vertical door part: JAMB

2 Two-toned cookie: OREO

3 Inventor associated with telephones: BELL

4 California Zephyr operator: AMTRAK

5 "Tell it like it is": BEHONEST

6 Sensory organ: EAR

7 Sch. before junior high: ELEM

8 Wetsuit material: NEOPRENE

9 North Pole assistant: ELF

10 Seats for the flock: PEWS

11 Palm tree berry: ACAI

12 Acronym parts: Abbr.: LTRS

15 McDonald's freebie: STRAW

18 Starting on: ASOF

20 Important periods: ERAS

24 Dorothy's dog: TOTO

26 "Sprechen __ Deutsch?": SIE

27 Ten percent donation: TITHE

28 Public commotion: FUROR

29 Edmund who played Kris Kringle: GWENN

30 Prefix with sphere: HEMI

31 __ odometer: TRIP

32 Ronnie in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: LOTT

33 Beehive State: UTAH

37 Let free: SETLOOSE

38 Old Sony brand: AIWA

39 "Think __, act locally": GLOBALLY

42 Cartoon fight sound: OOF

44 Merit badge holder: SASH

46 Garden fertilizer: HUMUS

47 Red sign over a door: EXIT

48 Syrup trees: MAPLES

51 ASAP, to an MD: STAT

52 Brownish purple: PUCE

53 Foot part: ARCH

55 Silly goose: TWIT

57 Not yet eliminated: INIT

58 Art __: DECO

59 Hearty bowlful: STEW

61 Word seen between married and maiden names: NEE

62 Old name for Tokyo: EDO

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