LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 13 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 13 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 13 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Source of spumante wine: ASTI

5 Mr. __: Former name of a Dr Pepper rival: PIBB

9 Light model wood: BALSA

14 Bore false witness: LIED

15 Et __: and others: ALIA

16 Provo native: UTAHN

17 Beige look-alike: ECRU

18 *Safari head protector: PITHHELMET

20 Superficial, as beauty: SKINDEEP

22 Make possible: ENABLE

23 Negative connector: NOR

24 Packers quarterback Rodgers: AARON

26 *Traditional farm equine: PLOWHORSE

29 Nervous twitches: TICS

33 Vein discovery: ORE

34 ... Venus, __, Mars ...: EARTH

35 Like sea battles: NAVAL

36 Column slant: Abbr.: POV

37 Overseas business abbr.: LTD

38 Sheep's call: BAA

40 Sister Sledge's "We __ Family": ARE

41 Corp. bigwigs: EXECS

43 Nike alternative: ASICS

45 __ showing: theater info: NOW

46 Textile mill worker: DYER

47 *Baked pork cut that sounds perfect for a blanket in the park: PICNICHAM

49 Whirlpool brand: AMANA

51 Wee bit: DAB

52 Ship's chart: SEAMAP

55 Air, mostly: NITROGEN

60 *Lever for manual water extraction: PUMPHANDLE

62 Intricate garden feature: MAZE

63 Medieval suit: ARMOR

64 Backtalk: SASS

65 Prickly husks: BURS

66 Nary a soul: NOONE

67 London rental: FLAT

68 Blind part: SLAT


1 Brewpub pints: ALES

2 Under the weather: SICK

3 Hatcher with a recurring role in TV's "Supergirl": TERI

4 [Shrug]: IDUNNO

5 *Kid's homemade topper: PAPERHAT

6 Nastase of tennis: ILIE

7 Minor role: BITPART

8 Scrooge's "Dang!": BAH

9 Good, in Guatemala: BUENO

10 Hawks' home: ATLANTA

11 Ewe kid: LAMB

12 "A Light in the Attic" poet Silverstein: SHEL

13 Penny-__: unimportant: ANTE

19 Roll call answer: HERE

21 Woodworking rods: DOWELS

25 Rubbish container: ASHBIN

26 Stockholder's agent: PROXY

27 Protective embankment: LEVEE

28 Install, as a cleric: ORDAIN

30 Eric Trump's mom: IVANA

31 Off-the-cushion pool shot: CAROM

32 Large quantity: SLEW

33 Pundit's piece: OPED

35 Daytona 500 org.: NASCAR

39 Ordeal ... and a hint to the initials of the answers to starred clues: ACIDTEST

42 Ice-climber's boot attachment: CRAMPON

44 Tabloid fodder: SCANDAL

47 One of the Three Bears: PAPA

48 Cold War threats: HBOMBS

50 Skiing champ Phil or Steve: MAHRE

52 Cross over: SPAN

53 Tipperary tip jar coin: EURO

54 Hunter's need: AMMO

56 Victor's wife in "Casablanca": ILSA

57 Ancient France: GAUL

58 Poet Pound: EZRA

59 Branch home: NEST

61 Bad check letters: NSF

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