LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 13 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Chinese New Year tradition: LIONDANCE

10 They may be inflatable: RAFTS

15 Over and over and over ...: ADNAUSEAM

16 Plugged in: AWARE


18 Degas contemporary: MONET

19 Mel who gave Archie a batting tip in "Field of Dreams": OTT

20 Top choice: FAVE

21 Called out: YELLED

22 Momentarily: SOON

24 Hold in a match: NELSON

26 Like: ALA

27 "I got this": ONIT

29 Cartoon shopkeeper: APU

30 Help on the job: ABET

31 "What a relief!": THATWASCLOSE

35 __ Slam: tennis coup: SERENA

37 Puts on again: REAIRS

38 Product whose proteins are aligned in manufacturing: STRINGCHEESE

40 Bust maker: NARC

41 Scrape (out): EKE

42 Recognize: KNOW

45 Before now: AGO

46 1974 and 1975 Stanley Cup champions: FLYERS

49 Korean jjigae, e.g.: STEW

51 Where Alexander the Great overthrew Darius III: PERSIA

53 Thailand neighbor: LAOS

55 Stick in the water: OAR

56 Plant from the Greek for "flame": PHLOX

57 "I'm serious": ITSNOJOKE

59 Free: LOOSE

60 Cloud content: DATAFILES

61 Convenient breakfast choice: EGGOS

62 Complex unit: APARTMENT


1 Nigerian National Museum site: LAGOS

2 "Same here!": IDOTOO

3 Pickup capacity: ONETON

4 Rapper who co-founded Mass Appeal Records: NAS

5 Rear end: DUFF

6 Georgian, e.g.: ASIAN

7 __ ending: NERVE

8 Basis for legal precedent: CASELAW

9 CPR pro: EMT

10 Budget noodle dish: RAMEN

11 Nowhere to be seen: AWOL

12 Creative works by devoted followers: FANLABOR

13 Like steppes, mostly: TREELESS

14 It's fixed: SETDATE

21 "Here's the thing ... ": YOUSEE

23 Kind of acid: NITRIC

25 Alley pickup: SPARE

28 In that case: THEN

30 Scary 1986 sequel: ALIENS

32 "Women, Race & Class" author Davis: ANGELA

33 In poor taste: TACKY

34 Brewery sight: CASK

35 Improv spotlight usurper: STAGEHOG

36 Techie's diagnostic list: ERRORLOG

38 "Made from the Best Stuff on Earth" drink brand: SNAPPLE

39 Shoe lift: HEELTAP

43 "Becket" star: OTOOLE

44 Sap: WEAKEN

46 Tight spots: FIXES

47 Follower of Jah: RASTA

48 Sub system: SONAR

50 Yank: WREST

52 Fair: SOSO

54 Like silken tofu: SOFT

57 Civil rights pioneer __ B. Wells: IDA

58 "Mad Money" host Cramer: JIM

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