LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 13 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 13 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 N.A. boundary river: STLAWRENCE

11 Pompano kin: SCAD

15 "I agree": WHATHESAID

16 Weight allowance: TARE

17 Emergency transportation method: AIRLIFTING

18 Auricular: OTIC

19 Originated: BEGAN

20 Fragrant garland: LEI

21 Two-time Tony-winning playwright Yasmina __: REZA

22 Word with rain or pine: FOREST

25 Dodo: NIMROD

27 "The Quiet American" novelist: GRAHAMGREENE

30 __ noir: CAFE

33 Angela Lansbury role: MAME

34 Cookbook direction: ADDIN

35 You can tie one on: OBI

36 Court figure: WITNESS

38 Sea-__ Airport: TAC

39 Like Loki: NORSE

41 Include "[sic]," perhaps: CITE

42 Skye of "Say Anything...": IONE

43 "For what it's worth": JUSTATHOUGHT

46 Says: UTTERS

47 Breaks: PAUSES

50 WTO predecessor: GATT

51 Recede: EBB

54 Odorless gas: RADON

56 Insignificantly: ABIT

57 Bouncer's milieu: TRAMPOLINE

60 Ponderous pages: TOME

61 Salt and pepper: SEASONINGS

62 "Dizzy-_ fury and great rage of heart": Shak.: EYED

63 Part of a Kipling poem opening: EASTISEAST


1 Salt: SWAB

2 Doberman pincher? THIEF

3 Key __: LARGO

4 On the run: ATLARGE

5 Crybaby: WHINER

6 Call on the field: REF

7 "Errare humanum __": EST

8 Do perfectly: NAIL

9 Theater: CINE

10 Trim: EDGING

11 Left angrily, with "out": STORMED

12 Humored: CATEREDTO

13 Cesar Chavez, by birth: ARIZONIAN

14 Debauchery: DECADENCE

23 Arctic natives: SAMI

24 Rustic roofing: THATCH

26 Destinations for some PR deductions: IRAS

28 Prenatal procedure, briefly: AMNIO

29 Connect (with): MEETUP

30 Do a tense recitation? CONJUGATE

31 Nick Hornby novel: ABOUTABOY

32 There's one for everything: FIRSTTIME

36 Become tedious: WEAR

37 Sonic Dash publisher: SEGA

40 Decided to keep: STETTED

42 "No way!": ITSALIE

44 Trypanosome carrier: TSETSE

45 Wyandot people: HURONS

48 Ritzy Twin Cities suburb: EDINA

49 Many are hits: SONGS

52 Spanish for "tar": BREA

53 Meadow plaints: BAAS

55 Queen's domain: NEST

58 Calgary winter hrs.: MST

59 Islands staple: POI

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