LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 September 2018

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Los Angeles Times 13 September 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 13 September 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Minimally: ATAD

5 Oversight: LAPSE

10 "Man With a Plan" network: CBS

13 One and only: SOLE

14 Fads: MANIAS

15 No longer active: Abbr.: RET

16 Rolls off the alley: GUTTERBALLS

18 "__ we there yet?": ARE

19 College Board exam, briefly: APTEST

20 French assent: OUI

21 It's calculated using ht. and wt.: BMI

22 Make a face, say: REACT

23 Swing era dance: JITTERBUG

26 Loan application section: DEBT

27 Badgers: NAGS

28 Staff helper: AIDE

29 "Be My __ Ono": Barenaked Ladies song: YOKO

30 West Coast athletic footwear company: LAGEAR

32 Smoking hazard: CIGARETTEBURN

36 Got close to empty: RANLOW

37 Area to lay anchor: COVE

38 High style: UPDO

39 Cry related to "hey": AHOY

40 Opt out: PASS

44 Anticipatory counterargument: PREBUTTAL

47 Goldfinger's first name: AURIC

48 Three-time NBA Finals MVP Duncan: TIM

49 __ Butterworth: MRS

50 Post-workout lament: IMSORE

51 Open event gold medalist in the 2016 Chess Olympiad: USA

52 Dairy implement, and a hint to what's hidden in 16-, 23-, 32-, and 44-Across: BUTTERCHURN

55 Do a 5K, e.g.: RUN

56 Meets up with the old gang: REUNES

57 "Makes sense": ISEE

58 Conclusion: END

59 Increase: ADDTO

60 Typically round-neck shirts: TEES


1 Norse gods' home: ASGARD

2 Head cover: TOUPEE

3 Window-switching keyboard shortcut: ALTTAB

4 Catch a scent of: DETECT

5 Yellow __: LAB

6 "Fifty Shades of Grey" heroine: ANA

7 Trial episodes: PILOTS

8 French toast: SALUT

9 Nail polish brand: ESSIE

10 More like Oscar the Grouch: CRABBIER

11 Hamilton local: BERMUDAN

12 "In the Heat of the Night" Oscar winner Rod: STEIGER

14 B.A. Baracus player: MRT

17 Superlative suffix: EST

23 Copacetic: JAKE

24 "Makes sense": IGOTCHA

25 Old World Style sauce: RAGU

27 Swed. neighbor: NORW

29 Retired NBAer Ming: YAO

30 Tax: LEVY

31 Japanese prime minister since 2012: ABE

32 Big name in juice pouches: CAPRISUN


34 Amorphous mass: GLOB

35 Home Depot purchase: TOOL

36 Burst: RUPTURE

39 Ready to sire: ATSTUD

40 Test limits: PUSHIT

41 Excite: AROUSE

42 Yes or no follower: SIRREE

43 Drama segments: SCENES

45 Sunspot center: UMBRA

46 Leveled, with "up": TRUED

47 Theater chain initials: AMC

50 Form W-9 org.: IRS

53 Explosive stuff: TNT

54 Fair-hiring letters: EEO

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