LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 13 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 13 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pretend to be: ACT

4 Center: MIDST

9 Foot, in zoology: PES

12 "Isn't __ Lovely": Stevie Wonder hit: SHE

13 Toyota until 2006: CELICA

14 Posted: SENT

15 Time for an Oktoberfest tradition? POLKANIGHT

17 Erase: UNDO

18 Deplorable sort: LOUSE

19 Where to find letters on tracks: MAILCAR

21 Medical events in a 1977 Robin Cook thriller: COMAS

23 Movie about a Jewish wedding staple? HORAFILM

24 Celebrity chef Garten: INA

25 Set of values: ETHOS

28 Thinks intently (over): MULLS

29 Impedes, with "up": GUMS

31 Paramedic letters: EMT

32 Old brew revived in the 2000s: PBR

33 Festive Brazilian gathering? SAMBAOCCASION

38 Rapper will.__: IAM

39 Stick in a lock: OAR

40 Jazz vocalist Laine: CLEO

42 See 14-Down: ACIDS

45 Charged: RANAT

47 Reservoir creator: DAM

48 One in a line of frolicking sea creatures? CONGAEEL

50 Increases, with "up": RAMPS

52 Creator of a sci-fi "Traveller": HGWELLS

53 Schroeder's toy: PIANO

55 Getting __ years: ONIN

56 Wedding reception highlight ... and a feature of four puzzle answers: FIRSTDANCE

60 Rolled __: OATS

61 Conceptualize: IDEATE

62 One may be bruised: EGO

63 MIT, for one: SCH

64 "Cool!": NEATO

65 Yang's opposite: YIN


1 Nile danger: ASP

2 John of "Star Trek" (2009): CHO

3 1967 Etta James hit: TELLMAMA

4 Target section: MENS

5 Nastase on the court: ILIE

6 Archaeological site: DIG

7 Jerks: SCHMOS

8 Member of Genghis Khan's horde: TATAR

9 Write (in) tentatively: PENCIL

10 Ultimate objective: ENDALL

11 Weather headliners: STORMS

13 Reason: CAUSE

14 With 42-Across, corrosive substances: SULFURIC

16 Camping letters: KOA

20 Shakespeare's plays are full of them: IAMBS

21 Slangy smoke: CIG

22 Heavy weight: ONUS

23 Glowing barbecue bit: HOTCOAL

26 Orioles, e.g.: TEAM

27 Medical care gp.: HMO


32 Prefix with sail: PARA

34 __ metabolism: BASAL

35 Recyclable item: CAN

36 Source of status: OLDMONEY

37 Tide table term: NEAP

41 Sounds heard at an ashram: OMS

42 Blessing evokers: ACHOOS

43 Colombard grapes product: COGNAC

44 Part of, as a gang: INWITH

45 Live: RESIDE

46 Sports news: TRADE

49 Like the Hollow Tree Factory bakers: ELFIN

51 Santa __: ANA

53 Exam for jrs.: PSAT

54 "Leave __ me": ITTO

57 Stephen of "The Crying Game": REA

58 Movie SFX: CGI

59 DMV wait time, seemingly: EON

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