LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 13 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 13 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fried __, popular Chinese food order: RICE

5 Coffee that probably won't keep you up: DECAF

10 Engrossed: RAPT

14 Tehran's land: IRAN

15 Norwegian king, 995-1000: OLAFI

16 Other, in Oaxaca: OTRO

17 One of two rectangles next to home plate: BATTERSBOX

19 New Mexico art community: TAOS

20 Move like Miley: TWERK

21 Butcher's cut: LOIN

23 CD predecessors: LPS

24 Absorb the lesson: LEARN

25 Cartoon flapper: BETTYBOOP

27 Sick: ILL

28 Corn serving: EAR

30 Dogie catcher: LASSO

31 Youngster: TYKE

33 Boxing match venue: RING

36 First stage, as of an illness: ONSET

37 Last step, however difficult: BITTEREND

40 Tut-tutted: TSKED

43 ER doc's "Now!": STAT

44 Glasses, in adspeak: SPEX

48 Arcade pioneer: ATARI

49 "Casablanca" pianist: SAM

51 NYC's Madison or Fifth: AVE

52 "Cheers!": BOTTOMSUP

56 Fall flower: ASTER

58 Divided Asian country: Abbr.: KOR

59 Not worth debating: MOOT

60 Prefix with face or faith: INTER

61 Falco of "The Sopranos": EDIE

63 Called from the rear? BUTTDIALED

66 Egg foo __: YUNG

67 River to the Rhone: ISERE

68 "Casablanca" heroine: ILSA

69 Fix, vet-style: SPAY

70 Calif. NFLer: LARAM

71 "Phooey!": RATS


1 Tease: RIB

2 With extreme anger: IRATELY

3 Fashion runway: CATWALK

4 "Come in!": ENTER

5 Nerdy type: DORK

6 Raised city trains: ELS

7 Computer cord: CABLE

8 In progress, as Sherlock's "game": AFOOT

9 Handy "Mr.": FIXIT

10 "Hogwash!": ROT

11 With "for," unable to think of, as words: ATALOSS

12 Say, "Will you marry me?": PROPOSE

13 Drunkard: TOSSPOT

18 Sea eagle: ERNE

22 Hosiery material: NYLON

24 Illuminated: LIT

25 Telly watchers: BRITS

26 Styx and Stones: BANDS

29 Paintings on a wall, for instance: ART

32 Film critic Roger: EBERT

34 Ping-Pong table divider: NET

35 Comprehend: GRASP

38 "Eat crow" or "talk turkey": IDIOM

39 Expected-in hr.: ETA

40 Indent producers, on a PC: TABKEYS

41 Got to one's feet: STOODUP

42 Catastrophic New Orleans hurricane: KATRINA

45 Kneecap: PATELLA

46 World's highest mountain: EVEREST

47 Child of a boomer: XER

50 Pedi partner: MANI

53 Shell competitor: MOBIL

54 "Stars and Stripes Forever" composer: SOUSA

55 Give voice to: UTTER

57 Word with case or way: STAIR

60 Footnote word: IDEM

62 IOC country code between ECU and ERI: EGY

64 __-la-la: TRA

65 Prosecutors, for short: DAS

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