LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 14 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 14 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 14 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Treble symbol: GCLEF

6 "Do the __!": MATH

10 Toppers with visors: CAPS

14 Siri's Amazon counterpart: ALEXA

15 Felipe of baseball: ALOU

16 "The Thin Man" canine role: ASTA

17 Monument on one end of the National Mall: LINCOLNMEMORIAL

20 Cathedral recess: APSE

21 Expected-in hr.: ETA

22 At first, say: ONBASE

23 Falsehood source: LIAR

25 Rice-like pasta: ORZO

26 Eleven-yr.-old insurance law: ACA

29 Singer of the 2019 #1 hit "Seā€“orita": SHAWNMENDES

34 Mall cop's ride: SEGWAY

36 "Brava!": OLE

37 Schoolbook: TEXT

38 O. __: HENRY

39 __ rub: BBQ spices: DRY

40 One with a need for speed: RACER

41 Bread spread: OLEO

42 Bro's sib: SIS

43 Mexican state south of Veracruz: OAXACA

44 Local political gathering: TOWNMEETING

47 "Acid": LSD

48 Capricorn critter: GOAT

49 Poker variety: STUD

51 Chosen groups: ELITES

54 Watched: SAW

55 File format for digital books: EPUB

59 Upscale restaurant's offering: DEGUSTATIONMENU

62 Christian on a label: DIOR

63 "Marriage Story" actor Alan: ALDA

64 "We didn't do it": NOTUS

65 Tall tale: YARN

66 Itchy red area: RASH

67 Foe found phonetically in four puzzle answers: ENEMY


1 Lavish party: GALA

2 Film segment: CLIP

3 Many a Zeiss product: LENS

4 Shine: EXCEL

5 Toy retailer __ Schwarz: FAO

6 Meditation word: MANTRA

7 __ mater: ALMA

8 Piggy in a crib: TOE

9 "It's weird, but just do it": HUMORME

10 Ecological levy: CARBONTAX

11 Himalayas locale: ASIA

12 Education orgs.: PTAS

13 Bargain hunter's delight: SALE

18 Patrick __, Vermont senator since 1975: LEAHY

19 Cinq plus six: ONZE

24 Words to an old chap: ISAY

25 Sole: ONLY

26 Had __: was still in the running: ASHOT

27 Songwriter Green: CEELO

28 Nixon's first veep: AGNEW

30 Razzie Award adjective: WORST

31 Hot rod attachment: DECAL

32 Management bigwigs: EXECS

33 Highly coveted violin: STRAD

35 Right that isn't right, e.g.: WRONGTURN

39 Paleo __: DIET

40 Tortellini topper: RAGU

42 Five-armed ocean creature: SEASTAR

43 When a football may be snapped: ONTWO

45 Springfield bar: MOES

46 Old Testament prophet: ISAIAH

50 Exorcist's target: DEMON

51 Jacuzzi effect: EDDY

52 Kylo Ren's mother: LEIA

53 Composer Stravinsky: IGOR

54 Criteria: Abbr.: STDS

56 Best of the Beatles, once: PETE

57 Word on U.S. coins: UNUM

58 At it: BUSY

60 __ carte: ALA

61 Omaha-to-St. Paul dir.: NNE

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