LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 14 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 14 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 14 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ tag: game with infrared beams: LASER

6 Make full: SATE

10 Bro: BUB

13 10th-century Holy Roman emperor: OTTOI

14 Letter-shaped fastener: TNUT

15 Restaurant list: MENU

16 N.L. West team's pests? GIANTSANTS

18 Martial __: ARTS

19 Muddy pen: STY

20 Not quite a B: CPLUS

21 Illuminated from below, as a statue: UPLIT

22 N.L. East team's untruths? PHILLIESLIES

24 Reach: ATTAIN

27 "Peachy-__!": KEEN

28 N.L. East team's parties? BRAVESRAVES

32 Cry from a crib: WAH

35 Sumptuous: LUXE

36 Swelled head: EGO

37 Metered ride: TAXI

38 "You rang?": YES

39 A.L. East team's cheers? ORIOLESOLES

43 "Around the __": ESPN panel show: HORN

45 Exercises, as power: WIELDS

46 N.L. Central team's pitchers? BREWERSEWERS

51 Dice throws: ROLLS

52 Govt. security: TBILL

53 Milne hopper: ROO

56 Poker buy-in: ANTE

57 Ace relievers, briefly ... and a hint to 16-, 22-, 28-, 39- and 46-Across: MLBCLOSERS

59 "O.G. Original Gangster" rapper: ICET

60 Glimpse: PEEK

61 Flat-package furniture stores: IKEAS

62 Neither's partner: NOR

63 "American __": Starz series based on a Neil Gaiman novel: GODS

64 Nabisco wafer brand: NILLA


1 Ships' records: LOGS

2 "They're __ again!": ATIT

3 "Don't move, Rover!": STAY

4 Ages and ages: EON

5 "Sherlock Holmes" director Guy: RITCHIE

6 Slot in a stable: STALL

7 Declare void: ANNUL

8 Rwandan tribe: TUTSI

9 Sci-fi visitors: ETS

10 Cold War dividing line until 1989: BERLINWALL

11 Loosen, as laces: UNTIE

12 Sculpted works: BUSTS

15 Breakfast syrup type: MAPLE

17 Manipulates politically: SPINS

21 Exploits: USES

22 Cover with asphalt: PAVE

23 __ out a living: EKE

24 With competence: ABLY

25 Loyal: TRUE

26 Financial adviser's suggestion: TAXSHELTER

29 Outdoor gear brand: REI

30 Earlier: AGO

31 Encyclopedia bk.: VOL

33 Chopped down: AXED

34 King cobra warning: HISS

37 On one's __: alert: TOES

39 Mine contents: ORES

40 Mil. time off: RNR

41 Tom of "The Seven Year Itch": EWELL

42 Beef cut: SIRLOIN

44 Little hooter: OWLET

46 Really smart person: BRAIN

47 Veg-O-Matic maker: RONCO

48 Canonized pope known as "The Great": STLEO

49 Flowed back: EBBED

50 Candle threads: WICKS

53 Film spool: REEL

54 __ hygiene: ORAL

55 Legendary Greek mount: OSSA

57 Fuel efficiency stat: MPG

58 Hit the slopes: SKI

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