LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 14 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Peak on the 1,000-yen note: FUJI

5 Kicked: BOOTED

11 __ bod: DAD

14 Sign not always recognized: OMEN

15 "Sanford and Son" son: LAMONT

16 Wool coat wearer: EWE

17 Drove by the campsite? PASSEDTENTS

19 Hist. majors' degrees: BAS

20 Half a cocktail hour pair: TONG

21 Needlefish: GAR

22 Winery sight: CASK

23 It may be proven in court: GUILT

25 Johann Sebastian and Johann Christian? MALEBACHS

27 Soap opera plot staple: AMNESIA

29 Kemper who plays Kimmy Schmidt: ELLIE

30 Car stat: MPG

31 Buckle: GIVE

34 Big game, say: EVENT

35 Carpenter's work station? PLANESITE

38 Scotch-Brite cleaning product: DOBIE

41 9, at times: Abbr.: SEPT

42 Race unit: LAP

45 First name on a 1945 bomber: ENOLA

46 Polite response: YESMAAM

49 Bird popularity surveys? FOWLPOLLS

53 Presidents take them: OATHS

54 Song and dance: ARTS

55 Pod resident? PEA

56 "Picnic" dramatist: INGE

57 Fifth-century date: CDI

58 Wildebeests coming to a screeching halt? BRAKINGGNUS

62 Get ready to drive, with "up": TEE

63 Place for a shot: TAVERN

64 Distasteful: ICKY

65 Surg. facilities: ORS

66 Location query opener: WHERES

67 Viewed warily: EYED


1 Dandy: FOP

2 Thurman of the 2005 film "Prime": UMA

3 Having fun: JESTING

4 Shoe part: INSOLE

5 Apt. house: BLDG

6 __ grass: OAT

7 Breitling competitor: OMEGA

8 Relating to pitches: TONAL

9 Between, in Brest: ENTRE

10 Drying-out hurdle: DTS

11 Total disaster: DEBACLE

12 Loaded with: AWASHIN

13 It might contain an inbox: DESKSET

18 Tolkien creatures: ENTS

22 Have a cow: CALVE

23 School of whales: GAM

24 Foul line watcher, at times: UMP

25 Water conduits: MAINS

26 Red-rooted plant, usually: BEET

28 Food chain letters: IGA

32 Flying formation: VEE

33 Athletic awards: ESPYS

35 Some tablets: PILLS

36 It may be quantum: LEAP

37 Resident's suffix: ITE

38 In reality: DEFACTO

39 Awaiting shipment: ONORDER

40 Donald Duck and Winston Churchill wear them: BOWTIES

42 Bulbs' pre-bloom condition: LATENCY

43 Sound of delight: AAH

44 U.K. leaders: PMS

47 Musical number: SONG

48 Smith who played Violet on "Downton Abbey": MAGGIE

50 Part of OWN: OPRAH

51 Go: LEAVE

52 James, since 2018: LAKER

56 1,000+ Holidays: INNS

58 Texter's "just so you know": BTW

59 Wrath: IRE

60 Hawaiian strings: UKE

61 Barrett of Pink Floyd: SYD

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