LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 14 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 14 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 14 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Host who says, "Solve or spin": SAJAK

6 Possibilities: IFS

9 Apple remains: CORES

14 The Quakers of the Ivy League, briefly: UPENN

15 __-mo replay: SLO

16 Hairbrush target: SNARL

17 *TV screen film format: LETTERBOX

19 Biology dish eponym: PETRI

20 __ Enterprise: USS

21 Very long periods: EONS

22 It may be carried in a boardroom: MOTION

23 Sit-up targets: ABS

24 *At-your-desk assignment: SEATWORK

26 Out: ASLEEP

29 Any'tizers Boneless Chicken Wyngz maker: TYSON

30 Ben who plays an economics teacher in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off": STEIN

31 Mata __: HARI

33 Put on the cloud, say: SAVE

36 Luv: HON

37 *Summertime destination for kids: DAYCAMP

40 Cut of lamb: LEG

41 Redheaded sitcom kid: OPIE

43 Pre-owned: USED

44 Have credit from: OWETO

46 Shaped like a kiwi: OVATE

48 Sun Bowl city: ELPASO

50 *Building inspector's concern: FIRECODE

53 Braz. neighbor: ARG

54 Says "Hi, sailor" to, say: FLIRTS

55 One-named Irish singer: BONO

57 Canonized Fr. female: STE

60 Lo-cal brews: LITES

61 *As sequenced in this grid, what the answers to starred clues form: WORDCHAIN

63 Japanese dog: AKITA

64 Plot device? HOE

65 Hard-to-understand "South Park" character: KENNY

66 Exams: TESTS

67 Gives the nod: OKS

68 "Later!": SEEYA


1 "Star Trek" role for Cho: SULU

2 Mirrors: APES

3 New York team that plays home games in New Jersey: JETS

4 Carpenter __: ANT

5 PliƩ, for one: KNEEBEND

6 Card catalog ID: ISBN

7 Oral-B Glide, e.g.: FLOSS

8 Name on a Chicago cap: SOX

9 Big bills, slangily: CSPOTS

10 Boxing combos: ONETWOS


12 "Oops!" inciter: ERROR

13 Sneak (away), as in shame: SLINK

18 Wine choice: ROSE

22 Actress __ Bialik of "The Big Bang Theory": MAYIM

23 "Aladdin" hero: ALI

25 Online investment service: ETRADE

26 At the summit: ATOP

27 Ailment similar to spring fever: SENIORITIS

28 Course of action? PHYSED

30 "Shameless" airer, briefly: SHO

32 Versatile blackjack card: ACE

34 Presidential no: VETO

35 Swelled head: EGO

38 VW and BMW: AUTOS

39 Fizzy candy: POPROCKS

42 '50s-'60s Illinois senator Dirksen: EVERETT

45 Tail movement: WAG

47 Steps in for: ACTSAS

49 Touch down: LAND

50 E equivalent, in music: FFLAT

51 "Looking good!": ILIKE

52 Reader's download: EBOOK

56 Mined finds: ORES

57 Of sound mind: SANE

58 Teensy-weensy: TINY

59 One-named Irish singer: ENYA

61 "__ cares?": WHO

62 Half a giggle: HEE

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