LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 14 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Place for peas or z's: BED

4 Bridge measure: SPAN

8 Like traffic at a bottleneck: STOPGO

14 "Norma __": RAE

15 She famously said "Play it" to 49-Across: ILSA

16 Saved to watch later: TIVOED

17 Horace's "__ Poetica": ARS

18 Year-end rewards: CASHBONUSES

20 One-step-at-a-time toy: SLINKY

22 "Only __": NPR sports program: AGAME

23 Silver State capital: CARSONCITY

26 "The Mindy Project" actor Barinholtz: IKE

29 Well-endowed org.? OPEC

30 McKellen and McShane: IANS

31 Said further: ADDED

33 Real estate unit: ACRE

34 Acted bullish? MOOED

35 Classic TV intro which can be applied to the starts of the four other longest puzzle answers: HEEEEERESJOHNNY

41 Volunteer's offer: ILLGO

42 "Vaya con __": DIOS

43 Attach with string: TIEON

44 Half of half-and-half: MILK

45 Flower painted by van Gogh: IRIS

49 See 15-Across: SAM

50 Bad break: ROTTENLUCK

52 Really worry: EATAT

55 __ Tunes: LOONEY

56 Dugout loudmouth: BENCHJOCKEY

60 Horseplayer's hangout, for short: OTB

61 "Good News" Grammy winner Kathy: MATTEA

62 Workshop gadget: VISE

63 Opposite of paleo-: NEO

64 Wimps: WUSSES

65 Cheek or lip: SASS

66 "Yakety __": rock-'n'-roll novelty hit: SAX


1 "Donnie __": Depp film: BRASCO

2 Part of a winter hat: EARLAP

3 Appetite: DESIRE

4 Michael Moore film about healthcare: SICKO

5 "No more fighting!": PLAYNICE

6 Pack animal: ASS

7 "Don't think so": NAH

8 Cheap smoke: STOGY

9 Actress Fey: TINA

10 Egg cell: OVUM

11 Trident-carrying god: POSEIDON

12 "My goodness": GEE

13 Pigs out (on), for short: ODS

19 Creatures in caves: BATS

21 Pres. advisory team: NSC

24 "The Alienist" novelist Caleb: CARR

25 Boss' demand often followed by "now!": INEEDIT

27 Shrewd: KEEN

28 Circular current: EDDY

31 Tori of pop: AMOS

32 Head-slapper's cry: DOH

33 Long, long time: AEON

35 Search engine results: HITS

36 Director Kazan: ELIA

37 Basic principles: ELEMENTS

38 Big head: EGO

39 Sandy sediment: SILT

40 Like a really bad comedy skit: JOKELESS

44 Fictional detective Mr. __: MOTO

45 U.N. workers' agcy.: ILO

46 Sentences that need fixing: RUNONS

47 Summer drink: ICETEA

48 Posh stadium seating: SKYBOX

50 Hindu princes: RAJAS

51 "The Highwayman" poet: NOYES

53 "Hair" parts: ACTS

54 Biblical pronoun: THEE

56 Big name in luxury autos: BMW

57 __ de cologne: EAU

58 Rite Aid competitor: CVS

59 Soul maker: KIA

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