LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 14 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 14 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 O on a stand, say: ISSUE

6 "Pokémon: The Series" genre: ANIME

11 Ceremonial exchange: IDOS

15 "The Nightmare Room" series author: STINE

16 Misses without exception: WOMEN

17 Dirty work? PORN

18 Scuba diver's destination: WRECK

19 Paramount paramour? ALPHAROMEO

21 Sandwich title? EARL

22 Watches kids: SITS

23 Sit tight: BIDE

24 Greek goddess carrying a pick? AFRODITE

26 Applies with force, as brakes: SLAMSON

29 Jelly bean-munching president: REAGAN

30 Color gradation: HUE

31 Modest acknowledgment: ITRY

32 Wolverine relative: WEASEL

35 In the cooler: ONICE

36 Program for young readers, and a hint to five puzzle answers: PHUNWITHFONICS

40 Some satellites: MOONS

41 Back up anew: RESAVE

42 European wine area: ASTI

43 Mend, perhaps: SEW

44 iHeartRADIO fare: OLDIES

49 Inventor's cry of success: ITWORKS

51 Online scammer's tool? PHISHNET

53 Jones of film, familiarly: INDY

54 Motley: PIED

55 Real estate unit: ACRE

56 Dispensers of horse pills? FARMACISTS

59 Bop on the bean: BRAIN

60 Bulb in a balloon? IDEA

61 Boffo Moffo performances: ARIAS

62 "No more for me": IMSET

63 Cap'n's mate: BOSN

64 Stroke in a parlor: MASSE

65 Boxing family: BAERS


1 Start of an oath: ISWEAR

2 Attack from above: STRAFE

3 __ Nevada: brewery: SIERRA

4 Clear, as a drain: UNCLOG

5 Reaction to a mouse: EEK

6 Anticipate: AWAIT

7 "A Walk in the Woods" actor: NOLTE

8 Rowdy rug rats: IMPS

9 "I couldn't care less": MEH

10 Facilitate: ENABLE

11 Early Apple audio player: IPODMINI

12 Made at home: DOMESTIC

13 Mineral source: ORE

14 __-Caps: candy: SNO

20 Coastal inlet: RIA

22 Tendon: SINEW

25 Occurs to, with "on": DAWNS

26 Early antibiotic: SULFA

27 Fictional flesh-eaters: ORCS

28 TV's "Science Guy": NYE

30 Sly chuckles: HEHS

33 Buenos __: AIRES

34 Crock-Pot dish: STEW

35 First-year law students: ONELS

36 Nutter Butter Cereal maker: POST

37 Starts without a key: HOTWIRES

38 True-blue teamster, say: UNIONMAN

39 Dumpty-shaped: OVOID

40 English R&B singer Ella __: MAI

43 Overhead stadium equipment: SKYCAM

45 Greg's sitcom wife: DHARMA

46 To be safe: INCASE

47 More spooky: EERIER

48 Angioplasty implants: STENTS

50 Nutritional no.: RDA

51 Greek breads: PITAS

52 "Steppenwolf" author: HESSE

54 Greek letters: PSIS

56 Little lie: FIB

57 It may be about nothing: ADO

58 401(k) relative, briefly: IRA

59 Food collector, at times: BIB

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