LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 14 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ring in one's ears? CROPCIRCLE

11 Common dressage gait: TROT

15 It may offer dining options and a spa: RESORTAREA

16 Tanning target: HIDE

17 Imperfections affecting diamond clarity: INCLUSIONS

18 '60s pop singer Sands: EVIE

19 Called to the shepherd: BAAED

20 Trial for a would-be atty.? LSAT

21 One told to leave, maybe: PEST

22 Camera choices: SLRS

23 No longer is: WAS

24 Round number? GIRTH

25 Trig function: COTAN

27 Pickett's Charge charger: REB

28 High in an irritating way: SHRILL

32 Weak-kneed: TIMOROUS

36 Sign that may have a dog silhouette on it: KEEPOFFTHEGRASS

38 "I hear ya": YEAHYEAH

39 Child's milestone: AGETEN

40 Future flounder: ROE

41 Mulligan, e.g.: RETRY

43 Fix: AMEND

45 "__ little faster, please": GOA

46 Retinal cells: RODS

50 Thorn in one's side: BANE

51 Hawaiian staple: TARO

53 Word from the Hebrew for "teaching": TORAH

54 "Scientific American Frontiers" host: ALDA

55 Tippling point? ONETOOMANY

57 Each cha in cha-cha-cha: STEP

58 Bad taste: INELEGANCE

59 Lawman who was also a boxing referee: EARP

60 Green Hornet's great-uncle: LONERANGER


1 Cheats, in a way: CRIBS

2 Nephric: RENAL

3 Jazz pianist Peterson: OSCAR

4 Flag bearers: POLES

5 Guck: CRUD

6 "__ not my call": ITS

7 Upbraid: RAILAT

8 Start of a pedestrian caution: CROSSATTHEGREEN

9 Dunham of "Girls": LENA

10 __ Coast: EAST

11 NYC landmark overlooking Central Park: THEPIERRE

12 Inland navigator: RIVERBOAT

13 Penner of praiseful poetry: ODIST

14 Muscle: TEETH

23 Tom who coined "radical chic": WOLFE

24 Like a drunken sailor, in more ways than one? GROGGY

25 Laid it on thick: CLOYED

26 Med. research agency: NIH

28 Overhead expanse: SKY

29 Half a bray: HEE

30 Tailgating danger: REARENDER

31 Cell download, perhaps: IPHONEAPP

33 Ben Stiller's mom: MEARA

34 Purpose: USE

35 Return ID: SSN

37 Wide partner: FAR

42 Emulate Galway: TOOTLE

43 Denigrate: ABASE

44 122-square-mile republic: MALTA

46 __ candle: ROMAN

47 Bornean beast: ORANG

48 Hustle, say: DANCE

49 More 32-Across: SHYER

51 Considerable effort: TOIL

52 Word on some headstones: ANNO

53 Costume in some Shakespeare plays: TOGA

56 Key preposition: OER

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