LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 14 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 14 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 14 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fruity drink suffix: ADE

4 Hwy. with tolls: TPKE

8 Starring roles: LEADS

13 One in a pod: PEA

14 Hip bones: ILIA

15 Traditional Easter wear: BONNET

16 Series-ending letters: ETC

17 Tray with egg rolls, fried wontons, etc.: PUPUPLATTER

19 Butler at Tara: RHETT

21 Bygone Ford: LTD

22 "... thus wide I'll __ my arms": "Hamlet": OPE

23 Amorous looks: GOOGOOEYES

26 Bygone blade: SNEE

27 Slight bit, as of color: TINGE

28 Cloak-and-dagger org.: CIA

29 Tour of duty: STINT

30 Big first for a baby: STEP

31 "__ we having fun yet?": ARE

32 Concert pianos: GRANDS

33 Yoga-inspired athletic brand: LULULEMON

36 Order to relax: ATEASE

39 Two-outs-in-a-single-AB stats: DPS

40 Mil. awards: DSCS

44 Ending with wind or air meaning "transmitted by": BORNE

45 Early Beatle Sutcliffe: STU

46 Camera setting: FSTOP

47 "Phooey!": DRAT

48 Yogi's cartoon buddy: BOOBOOBEAR

50 NBA tiebreakers: OTS

51 Muppet chimp __ Minella: SAL

52 To this point: ASYET

53 Colorful Hawaiian garment: MUUMUUDRESS

57 "__ Abner": LIL

59 Gofer's job: ERRAND

60 Drooling comics canine: ODIE

61 Having four sharps: INE

62 They're not options: NEEDS

63 Like retailers during holiday season: BUSY

64 Self-esteem: EGO


1 Tarzan raiser: APE

2 Home of Lions and Tigers, but not Bears: DETROIT

3 Every last person: EACHONE

4 Move sneakily: TIPTOE

5 Verb meaning "demote" coined in 2006: PLUTO

6 Nap, to a Brit: KIP

7 Water in la mer: EAU

8 Truckful: LOAD

9 Rhinitis-treating MD: ENT

10 Former justice Scalia: ANTONIN

11 Diving board site: DEEPEND

12 City map lines: STREETS

15 Initial diner orders? BLTS

18 Response to a judge: PLEA

20 Parmigiana choice: EGGPLANT

23 Classic sports cars: GTS

24 Beige hue: ECRU

25 Not argue with: YIELDTO

26 Waits for further instructions: STANDSBY

29 "No seats" sign: SRO

31 Pint at a bar: ALE

32 Baseball VIPs: GMS

34 "__ as directed": USE

35 File format for digital books: EPUB

36 Stomach: ABDOMEN

37 Long wait, to some: TORTURE

38 Solver's smudge: ERASURE

41 Metal marble: STEELIE

42 Just enough snow to cover the ground: COATING

43 Easter time: Abbr.: SPR

45 Auction cry: SOLD

46 "Gorillas in the Mist" author Dian: FOSSEY

48 Data transfer unit: BAUD

49 Desert refuge: OASIS

51 Catches some rays: SUNS

54 "Spy vs. Spy" magazine: MAD

55 Filmmaker Reiner: ROB

56 UCLA URL ending: EDU

58 Sign before Virgo: LEO

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