LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 14 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 14 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Queen, e.g.: RULER

6 Fell for the joke: BIT

9 Put away for future reference: FILE

13 purchase: OPERA

14 Sch. with a Tempe campus: ASU

15 Flooded: AWASH

17 "Little Book of Mind-Power" author: URIGELLER

19 Battery inventor Alessandro: VOLTA

20 Stand food: TACO

21 Danish city named for a Norse god: ODENSE

23 Place for a shot: ARM

24 Gate info: ETA

25 Conversation stumbles: ERS

26 Gives the nod: OKS

27 Hasty escape: LAM

28 Superman specialty: RESCUE

30 Wrigley Field feature: IVY

31 Like beds in cleaned hotel rooms: MADE

32 Peter of "9-1-1": KRAUSE

34 Tunisian currency: DINAR

35 Takes a casual drive ... and a literal description of 10 puzzle answers: TOOLSAROUND

37 Bearings: MIENS

39 Casual eatery: BISTRO

40 Ending to avoid? ANCE

41 Interject: ADD

42 Touchdown site: TARMAC

46 "Well, __-di-dah!": LAH

47 Shooting initials: SLR

48 "Jeopardy!" record-setter Jennings: KEN

49 Spa emanation: AAH

50 Source of some '60s trips: LSD

51 1840s-'50s home to Liszt: WEIMAR

53 End of an old boast: VICI

54 Military camp: ETAPE

56 Luxury accommodations for bigwigs: VIPSUITES

58 Church offering: TITHE

59 Prefix with warrior: ECO

60 1960 Wimbledon champ Fraser: NEALE

61 Laryngitis symptom: RASP

62 Spied: SAW

63 Fire __: DRILL


1 Wi-Fi conduit: ROUTER

2 Raise from three to four stars, as a hotel: UPRATE

3 Classic cameras: LEICAS

4 So: ERGO

5 Singer Carly __ Jepsen: RAE

6 Gets thinner on top: BALDS

7 "So THAT's what's going on here!": ISEE

8 Hoops goofs: TURNOVERS


10 __ Jima: IWO

11 Space cadet's world: LALALAND

12 Erik of "CHiPs": ESTRADA

16 Work (out) with effort, as an agreement: HAMMER

18 Cosmetics giant: LOREAL

22 What's up? SKY

25 Pierre's bills: EUROS

29 Designer fragrance: CKONE

30 "To repeat ... ": ISAID

31 Trivial: MINOR

33 PC storage options: USBDRIVES

34 "Hands of Stone" boxer Roberto: DURAN

35 Fortune 500 IT company: TECHDATA

36 Frisky whiskered critters: OTTERS

37 Polo need: MALLET

38 Excited: INASTIR

41 Tap outflow: ALE

43 Tiki bar cocktail: MAITAI

44 Small battery: AACELL

45 Swindle: CHISEL

47 Win the first four World Series games: SWEEP

48 "Whammo!": KAPOW

52 Flaky mineral: MICA

53 Contender: VIER

55 Acidity nos.: PHS

57 German conjunction: UND

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