LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 14 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 14 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 14 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Honshu high pt.: MTFUJI

7 King of Maine: STEPHEN

14 Alpine Olympics event: SKIING

20 Playground denial: AIENOT

21 Former SAG president Gilbert: MELISSA

22 Like many garages: TWOCAI

23 Discipline involving slow movement: TAICHI

24 Ò... the beauty of the soulÓ: SAINTAUGUSTINE

26 Equivalent wd.: SYN

27 22.5 deg.: NNE

29 Spam-spreading program: BOT

30 Games gp. that added a ÒPÓ to its initials in 2019: USOC

31 Frank behind a bookcase: ANNE

32 Colosseum warrior: GLADIATOI

35 Sommer of cinema: ELKE

37 Literally, the sci. of women: GYN

38 Origami bird: CIANE

41 Manhattan, e.g.: Abbr.: ISL

42 Progress: HEADWAY

45 Airport not far from the Common: LOGAN

46 Native ceremonial pipe: CALUMET

49 Emphatic type: ITALIC

53 Forever, with ÒanÓ: ETERNITY

55 Ò... a fruit in season at all timesÓ: MOTHERTERESA

58 Leopardlike cats: OCELOTS

59 Touch: ABUT

60 German coal valley: RUHR

61 Author Rand: AYN

62 Suffix with salt: INE

63 ÒYes!Ó: AMEN

64 Med. office titles: DRS

65 WWI Belgian battle site: YPRES

67 Very big: HUGE

70 Ò... an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desiredÓ: ROBERTFROST

74 Inner: Pref.: ENTO

75 Sky blue: AZUIE

77 Audio units: Abbr.: DBS

78 Word with cut or pin: HAIR

79 Dripping __: WET

81 TD scorers: RBS

82 High style: UPDO

84 Dish put away with a spoon: SOUP

85 Two-year periods: BIENNIA

89 Ò... an act of endless forgivenessÓ: PETERUSTINOV

92 Bleachers critiques: CATCALLS

93 First U.S. space station: SKYLAB

94 Court conference the jury doesnÕt hear: SIDEBAR

96 Bay State sch.: UMASS

97 Source of emergency light: OILLAMP

100 Tats: INK

101 Used for a tryst: METAT

102 AOL, e.g.: ISP

105 Makes stuff up: LIES

106 Elite tactical units: SWATTEAMS

110 Congeal: CLOT

112 Pitch-raising guitar device: CAPO

114 Payroll service co.: ADP

115 Agnus __: DEI

116 Response to overhearing? TMI

119 Ò... eternal, infinite ... equal and pureÓ: HONOREDEBALZAC

123 Hostile advance: INROAD

125 Bad way to be led: ASTRAY

126 Oakley skill: IIFLERY

127 Model railroad scale: OGAUGE

128 Ideal partner: THEONE

129 Swears to: ATTESTS

130 Password partner: USERID


1 Yoga needs: MATS

2 Cafeteria convenience: TIAY

3 Sinn __: FEIN

4 AuntieÕs hubby: UNC

5 Ò... a flower, you got to let it growÓ: JOHNLENNON

6 Rock memoir: ITINA

7 Texting format, briefly: SMS

8 Perforated orb holding leaves: TEABALL

9 ÒCatsÓ poet: ELIOT

10 Spotted horse: PINTO

11 Post-WWII pres.: HST

12 Genesis twin: ESAU

13 Whale-watching woe: NAUSEA

14 WouldnÕt go back on: STUCKWITH

15 Elec. units: KWS

16 Greek ÒiÓ: IOTA

17 Cake topping: ICING

18 Childcare employee: NANNY

19 Place to putt: GIEEN

25 Top medal: GOLD

28 Orders from on high: EDICTS

32 Way more cool: GNARLIEI

33 ÒBy Jove!Ó: ISAY

34 Bonnie BlueÕs dad: IHETT

36 Place to have a meal: EATERY

38 Queen of the Nile, familiarly: CLEO

39 Campus mil. unit: IOTC

40 Screenwriter James: AGEE

43 Horn of Africa country: Abbr.: ETH

44 PirateÕs cry: YAR

47 ÒBurntÓ pigment: UMBER

48 OregonÕs highest point: MOUNTHOOD

50 Absorb in class: LEARN

51 Ò... __ to comeÓ: ISYET

52 KidÕs assertion: CANSO

54 Road to the Forum: ITER

56 Goof or gaffe: ERROR

57 Tamblyn of ÒWest Side StoryÓ (1961): RUSS

59 Iowa State city: AMES

63 Monastery VIP: ABBOT

64 Sign of a slow leak: DRIP

66 Honey and Sugar: PETNAMES

67 80-pound concert instruments: HARPS

68 Turkic native: UZBEK

69 Like winds in storms: GUSTY

71 GamblerÕs calculation: ODDS

72 Raoul Dufy, stylistically: FAUVE

73 Silly goose: TWIT

76 Continental travel pass: EURAIL

80 Ò... the truth more first than sun, more last than starÓ: EECUMMINGS

83 Limelight: PUBLICEYE

84 Salon cuts: SNIPS

85 Warned oneÕs master, perhaps: BARKED

86 Line above the equator: Abbr.: NLAT

87 ÒSing it, SamÓ speaker: ILSA

88 DAÕs aide: ASST

90 ÒXanaduÓ rock gp.: ELO

91 Suffix with Catholic: ISM

92 Jargon: CANT

95 Very small role: BITPART

98 Starring role: LEAD

99 Ad astra per __: Kansas motto: ASPEIA

102 Phased-out Apple messaging tool: ICHAT

103 Wade noisily: SLOSH

104 FlorenceÕs __ Vecchio: PONTE

107 Pixar title robot: WALLE

108 Wood shapers: ADZES

109 Half-serious sequence? AEIOU

111 Spanish bull: TORO

113 Final notice: OBIT

116 Sightseeing trip: TOUR

117 Christmas trio: MAGI

118 Fingered: IDED

120 Operated: RAN

121 Back at sea: AFT

122 Hall of Famer Young et al.: CYS

124 Issa of ÒInsecureÓ: RAE

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